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What the frak?

Baltar and Six

Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching Battlestar Galactica, the 2004 – 2009 series.  I love SciFi so why did it take me so long?  Well, when it was on tv, I was already hooked on Lost.  I suspected that two shows heavy on mythology, mystery, and cliffhangers would wrack my nerves.  I decided to wait until the whole series was complete and on dvd — and then, I got distracted.

Anyway, I’m glad that I waited until I could watch the whole series from start to finish.  How did you people survive week to week, season to season???  I missed way too many workouts because I just couldn’t tear myself away from the tv set — who were the Cylons among the Fleet?  What’s the deal with Baltar and the blonde Cylon apparently only he can see?  Why does Adama keep Colonel Tigh as XO?

Overall, I liked the series but I was disappointed with a few things.

  • Despite her self-destructive tendencies, I liked Starbuck UNTIL she cheated on Sam with Lee.  I was also furious with Lee — and with Dee, for saying she would marry Lee and love him until Starbuck came back into the picture.  I absolutely hated this storyline.
  • I was also really disappointed with the Sharon storyline — you know, the one where she falls in love with Cavil and tilts the balance in his favor, etc.  I was hoping for a better storyline for her — she didn’t know she was a Cylon, didn’t want to be a Cylon, hated herself for what her programming made her do.  Maybe it was supposed to be ironic that someone who didn’t want to be a traitor, turned traitor because people couldn’t forgive her for a choice she didn’t make?
  • When Roslin’s cancer came back, why didn’t they try another transfusion?
  • I  like a good twist in the storyline, but didn’t it seem like the constellations of the nuked Earth were a match for our own night sky?
  • The Opera House premonition seemed pretty anticlimactic when it actually came to pass.
  • The “importance” of Hera also seemed anticlimactic to me.  Hera proved that Cylons and humans could produce children together, as long as they were in love with each other.  This was a pretty big deal.  Hera’s blood also has the potential to halt cancer — that’s HUGE.  But, the Eve storyline?  I’m guessing Hera’s not the only Cylon/human hybrid, so how exactly is she the mother of all humanity?
  • Back to Starbuck — what exactly was she?  How did her ship break apart in one place and end up several jumps away?  How was she “reborn”?  If she was reborn with a purpose, shouldn’t she have had a clue as to what she was supposed to do?  Why did she need a vision of her father — and couldn’t he have been someone like Daniel, the 13th Cylon model?  That might have made sense — it would have at least provided a reason to mention the fact that there was a 13th model at one time.  It could have also explained her visions as a child, and the song that her dad taught her.
  • Baltar and Caprica.  Baltar looked slightly devilish to me, and Caprica slightly angelic as they were window shopping in the city — given that this whole show revolves around religion, are they supposed to represent divine beings who balance things out?  I’m guessing these are the same entities that were appearing to the physical Baltar and Caprica.  And speaking of divinity, are we supposed to believe that the Cylons were right, or at least partly right?  How did the Cylons come to believe in one God?

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DWtS Season 16 Week 10


Judges Choice:

  • Jacoby & Karina danced the Jive to Shake It (Metro Station)  27
  • Aly & Mark danced the Samba to Hips Don’t Lie (Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean)  28
  • Kellie & Derek danced the Quickstep to Peppy and George (Ludovic Bource) 30
  • Zendaya & Val danced the Samba to Yerbatero (Juanes)  30

Cha Cha Relay to Treasure by Bruno Mars:

  • Jacoby & Karina 2
  • Aly & Mark 3
  • Kellie & Derek 4
  • Zendaya & Val 5


  • Jacoby & Karina danced to Can’t Hold Us (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)  27
  • Aly & Mark danced to Icarus (Madeon) 30
  • Kellie & Derek danced to Beneath Your Beautiful (Labrinth featuring Emeli Sandé)  30
  • Zendaya & Val danced to Beauty and a Beat (Justin Bieber featuring Nicki Minaj) 30

Favorite Couples:  I like all four of the remaining couples but Kellie & Derek wowed me the most.  Kellie dances so well and the contemporary freestyle was beautiful.  I wondered if dancing contemporary would hurt her as it was part of the lineup this year but the difficulty level and performance level was incredible.  Lots of impressive moves but that thing where Derek was on the floor holding her legs while she leaned forward — WOW.  I also liked the fact that they decided to NOT supersize it with props or extra dancers.

Although props were involved, I also really liked Aly & Mark’s freestyle — it was definitely freestyle and well-performed.

Who’s Gonna Win?:  My guess is Kellie but it could easily be any of the four.  If I ran the world (and I think I should), Kellie would place first, Zendaya second, Aly third, and Jacoby fourth.

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TGIF: Supervillain Sheldon


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Once Upon a Time: And Straight On Till Morning

Hook and Bae

Okay, so it doesn’t appear as if Hook was a good guy in Neverland.  Sigh.  When he realized who Bae was, his first thought was to use him against Rumpel and he did gain knowledge of the dagger when he befriended the boy.  Hook seemed to soften up though and genuinely want a relationship with Mila’s son.  But then, when Bae discovered the truth about Hook’s relationship with Mila, Hook gave Bae over to the Lost Boys.  What?  Where did that come from?  I know Bae demanded to be anywhere but the ship, but couldn’t Hook have found an island or a deserted stretch of shoreline?  Was he being kind — are there worse things than the Lost Boys in Neverland?  And how did they show up so quickly?  Was turning over Bae, Hook’s ticket out of Neverland?  If not, how did he escape?

Back in Storybrooke, things are bad.  Rumpel’s casting a bit of magic to cause Henry to “accidentally” dash his head on a rock when the Charmings arrive.  Believing Bae to be dead shakes Rumpel out of his evil stupor and rattles him to the core.  He says there’s no way to jump between worlds without the beans — um, what about Jefferson and his hat?  Where is Jefferson anyway?  Rumpel’s not interested in saving himself or anyone now that Bae is gone.  However, he will take advantage of the Blue Fairy’s potion to return Belle’s true memories so that he can lean on her.  Um, okay.  I’m glad Belle’s back but I was hoping for something more earth-shattering than the Blue Fairy made a potion when no one was looking.

While the town is being torn apart by vegetation, Regina decides to sacrifice herself — she can slow the self-destruct diamond long enough for everyone else to follow the last magic bean — but she won’t be able to join them.  I cried and I blame Lana Parrilla.  It was the same kind of scene when Regina attempted to remove the magical plug from the wishing well; once again, I was positive that she would survive, but I cried.  Another blogger raised an excellent question — how does this show make us care about characters like Regina and Rumpel?  They’ve done all sorts of evil things and yet some of us still care about them.  Are we secretly hoping that everyone, no matter what they’ve done, can experience remorse and seek redemption?  What do you think?

Once Henry realizes that Regina’s going to die, he gets everyone on board with trying to save her — well, everyone but Hook.  Snow gets the bright idea of sending the diamond through a portal.  Okay, this works for Storybrooke but what about the poor world you’re sending it to???  I’m pretty sure when they pulled that trick with the Wraith, they knew where they were sending it and they thought no one was there.  They were wrong but at least there was some concern for life on the other side of the portal.  But, since Hook pulled a fast one and ran away with the last bean, this plan is abandoned.  Emma suddenly remembers that she’s magical and joins forces with Regina.  And so, Regina gets brownie points for her willingness to sacrifice her life for Storybrooke, but she’s still alive — will she remain good?  She did this for Henry and she can easily slide back into her evil ways if she feels that their relationship is threatened.  Wait, where is Henry?  He was just with Charming and Snow AND YET Greg and Tamara are able to grab him and get away before anyone noticed.  The kid’s always running around by himself — why did they have to wait until Storybrooke is collapsing AND he’s surrounded by family to grab him???  Okay, I guess they had to wait until the last minute because they really did want to destroy Storybrooke TOO.  Sigh.  But if they are as extreme as they’ve been portrayed so far, is it really plausible that they would jump through a magical portal?  I’m not convinced.

Back to Rumpel — now that Storybrooke’s “safe” and Belle has her memory, Rumpel finally decides to accept his fate.  Henry’s his “undoing” but he’s also his grandson and Rumpel decides to team up with the Charmings, Regina and Hook to find him.  For whatever reason, this didn’t hit my emotions as much as Regina’s plea to “die as Regina” but it’s still good.  Belle needs to stay behind and cast a spell to protect Storybrooke from outsiders — why didn’t Rumpel cast this before?  Like after Greg came crashing into town and everyone was weighing the pros and cons of just letting the outsider die, in order to protect Storybrooke?  At the very least, Rumpel would have wanted to protect Belle from outsiders.  It feels like a convenient way to keep Rumpel separated from Belle.

The animosity between the characters has been so ramped up that it will be interesting to see how time spent in close quarters goes.  They may be temporarily united in their quest to rescue Henry but there’s an awful lot of baggage to deal with.

Questions:  Who is Peter Pan?  What’s his problem with other magical creatures?  What kind of power does he think Henry has?  Am I the only one hoping for a few The Ransom of Red Chief moments?

How did Aurora and Mulan save Prince Phillip?  Who’s with whom?

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DWtS Season 16 Week 9


  • Kellie & Derek danced the Argentine Tango to Para Te (A.P.P.A.R.T.) 30
  • Ingo & Kym danced the Samba to One More Night (Maroon 5)  24
  • Aly & Mark danced the Rumba to When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars)  30
  • Jacoby & Karina danced the Argentine Tango to Concierto Para Quinteto (Astor Piazolla)  30
  • Zendaya & Val danced the Quickstep to Don’t Give Up (Noisettes)  25
  • Kellie & Derek danced the Flamenco to The Pirate That Should Not Be (Rodrigo y Gabriela)  28
  • Ingo & Kym danced the Charleston to Fat Sam’s Grand Slam (Bugsy Malone)  27
  • Aly & Mark danced Afro Jazz to Azumba (Gregor Salto) 29
  • Jacoby & Karina danced the Lindy Hop to Ding Dong Daddy of the D-Car Line (Cherry Poppin’ Daddies)  29
  • Zendaya & Val danced Hip Hop to Fine China (Chris Brown) 30

Favorite Couples:  Kellie & Derek, Jacoby & Karina.  I love the Argentine Tango and both couples nailed it!  I also liked Aly’s Rumba but to me the choreography didn’t quite match the lyrics.  Zendaya’s Quickstep was quick so I sort of forgive Val for the long intro.

I’m not fond of Flamenco and Derek did most of the work on that dance but what she did, Kellie did well.  Loved Jacoby’s Lindy Hop!

Who’s Going Home?:  Ingo.  He’s an okay dancer but he stands out the least.  Kellie and Zendaya have been strong from the beginning and have only gotten better.  Aly has really grown as a performer as the weeks have gone by.  Jacoby has struggled with his technique from time to time but he can dance, he has flair, and he has one of the most adorable moms to ever take attention away from the judges!

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TGIF: Sheldon song

Sheldon song

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Once Upon a Time: Neverland

OUaT Shadow

Peter Pan, or at least his shadow, is one scary dude.  Dang.  I’ve dated a few guys who didn’t want to grow up so I find this totally believable.  Like those guys, OUaT’s shadow seems whimsical and fun at first but doesn’t hesitate to have a tantrum when things don’t go his way.  All joking aside, this is one twisted character.  Apparently he wants or needs to have an ever-growing number of playmates with him — some price of magic or a case of misery likes company?  Unknown.  Or, is he like Prince Phillip in his Yaoguai days (you know, the guy Aurora and Mulan might settle down with if they can free his soul from the Wraith?)  Is he looking for the person to free him from his curse as a creepy shadow thing?  The possibilities are intriguing and that’s why I love this show.

Aside of the mystery behind the shadow and Peter Pan, there’s also a possibility that Hook might actually be a good guy in Neverland.  Maybe.  What will the writers do with the fact that the man who stole Bae’s mother and who intends to kill Bae’s father, is the man who pulls Bae out of the ocean???

I’m definitely intrigued by the Neverland storyline.  I am hating the Rumpel/Lacey storyline.  I get that Rumpel had a moment of weakness after thinking he’d lost Belle for good and so he gave in to his Dark One self.  I get that he’s desperate enough to regain her love that he decides to play Bad Boy because he can see that’s what works for her.  I get it but I don’t like it.  I think Lacey’s intrigued by him and by what he can do for her, but I don’t think she’s falling for him yet.  What will it take for her to fall in love with him again — and can their real relationship recover from whatever awful deed that turns out to be?  I want a happily ever after for Rumpel and Belle.

I also want a happily ever after for Emma and Neal.  Where did he go when he got sucked into the vortex created by Tamara?  Have some faith, Emma!

More questions:

  • Um, how did the Blue Fairy remove an anti-magic cuff?  Does it only stunt the magic of the person wearing it?  That must be it, right?
  • It’s not really important but how did Rumpel come by one of Regina’s tears?
  • Is Greg’s dad really dead?  Likely — Regina did not want outsiders in Storybrooke and probably didn’t want to take a chance that he might escape and find his way back.  Still, Regina’s been known to lie about people being dead, so I have to wonder.
  • Which reminds me — didn’t Sidney Glass, you know, the Magic Mirror, have any friends?  I’m picturing him in his cell tapping morse code to Greg’s dad on the other side of the wall.

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