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TGIF: Ninja Cats

Laughing . . . many thanks to Delia for calling my attention to this video.  Stealthy Cat is my favorite, which one is yours?

I am a little worried about the cat who grabbed the cord to the ceiling fan . . .


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TGIF: Supervillain Sheldon


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TGIF: Sheldon song

Sheldon song

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TGIF: Don’t Make Me Shush You

Looking forward to a new Once Upon a Time on Sunday!

Don't Make Me Shush You

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TGIF: Ways to Get Grounded, Part 1

TGIF sock

This is currently making the rounds on Facebook — love it!

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TGIF: keep walking . . .

Keep Walking

It’s been an interesting week with Sadie and Pippin. Here’s hoping I don’t walk in on a scene like this when I get home tonight!

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TGIF: George!

George Costanza portrait

I recently wrote a post about Modern Seinfeld for As You Like It.  Of course, writing this post led me to recall the many laughs I had watching the show.  Remember the episode when George thought that the photo store clerk slipped a revealing photo of herself in with his pictures and Kramer convinced him to return the compliment?

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