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A Tale of Two Kitties: It’s a Festivus Miracle!

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For Parts 1, 2 & 3 of A Tale of Two Kitties, click here.

Ten months after first bringing Pippin into my home, she and Sadie are touching noses and occasionally even sitting on my lap at the same time (see middle pic above).   Yay!  They’re not BFFs yet but I think they’ll get there eventually.  They are comfortable with each other and sometimes try to play together.  Sometimes.  Pippin shows off ninja-cat moves that seem to bewilder Sadie.  Chasing, Sadie gets.  Taking turns attacking string, Sadie gets.  Franken-Cat moves, Sadie does not get.  She promptly sits down, turns those big green eyes my way, and gives me a look like “What is wrong with Pippin?”

Sadie also likes to tattle on Pippin.  In the evenings when I’m sitting on the sofa, Sadie is usually on my lap.  I can always tell when Pippin is being naughty by Sadie’s posture.  I usually don’t hear Pippin jump up on the kitchen counter but Sadie does — she’ll sit up suddenly and glance from me to the kitchen and back to me again.  So, I move Sadie to the side, get up, and walk towards the kitchen, at which point Pippin sees me coming and jumps down from the counter.  Siblings, right?

The two are generally good about sharing.  They both sleep on my bed; when I’m on the sofa, Sadie usually sits on my lap and Pippin usually sits beside me.  Pippin does get a little possessive about their S-shaped scratchy things.  I can always tell when Pippin is annoyed with Sadie because she makes a beeline for Sadie’s scratchy-thing and scratches like there’s no tomorrow, casting looks at Sadie the whole time.  And Sadie is just as likely to return attitude with attitude; she’ll then make a beeline for Pippin’s scratchy-thing and scratch away.  Pippin usually wins the scratch-off; typically, as soon as Sadie makes her move, Pippin chases her and the contest is over.

one of the coveted scratchy things

one of the coveted scratchy things

Last week, I put up the Christmas Tree aka Sadie’s Favorite Toy Ever.  It has a noticeable cat dent from years of Sadie resting on its branches.  Sadie is just as enthralled with it as ever; Pippin is less impressed.  As it has yet to be toppled a week after I first put it up, I think I’ll actually decorate it this weekend.  Non-breakable ornaments only though — once things are dangling from the branches, Pippin may become more interested in checking it out.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


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A Tale of Two Kitties, Part 3

Sadie and Pippin

I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by!  Tomorrow will mark Pippin’s 8 week anniversary as a housecat.  It’s amazing to me how Sadie and Pippin’s relationship has evolved from week to week.  If you’re just checking in, click here for A Tale of Two Kitties, Part 1 and here for A Tale of Two Kitties, Part 2.

Week 4:  DopplerShift

Pippin’s curiosity is finally enough to draw her out of the bathroom but she’s still afraid of Sadie — which is sad because Sadie really wants to be BFFs.  Really, Truly, Desperately.  Pippin takes the longest way possible around Sadie and hisses if Sadie tries to approach her.  If a long route around isn’t possible, Pippin simply increases her speed — the closer she has to pass by Sadie, the faster she goes.  I’m sure there’s a scientific equation involved but it’s nearing the end of Spring Break at the library and my brain is mostly mush at this point.

One of the highlights of this week is seeing Pippin play.  We played a little bit while she was living in the guest bathroom but there wasn’t much space for her to really let loose.  Sadie appears surprised to discover that she’s not the only cat in the world to think of hiding behind lace curtains and attacking whatever toys come rolling along.  She’s hurt that Pippin won’t let her play at the same time but she’s an easy-going girl and waits her turn.

What I love most about watching Pippin play is that she waggles her head A LOT and her eyes get super-huge.  I’m reminded that she’s had a rough time of it and it’s probably been a long time since she’s felt safe enough to just play.  I’m so happy that she found her way to my patio door.

Week 5:  My space — Your space OR Romulans vs Federation?

Pippin is torn between fear and possessiveness.  Our daily evening routine has me sitting on the floor between them, using both hands at once to wiggle two strings across the floor.  They ignore each other and chase their individual strings.  All is going well until one night I deviate from the program.  Sitting on the floor with Pippin on my left and Sadie on my right, I’m opening the packages of new toys purchased for them on my way home from work.  Sadie’s accustomed to getting new toys so she knows exactly what I’m doing and she gets excited.  She puts her paws on my lap because she is anxious to see what tonight’s new toy is.  Pippin apparently thinks that Sadie has crossed into the Neutral Zone and promptly bonks Sadie on the head with her paw, adding an angry hiss for good measure.  Sadie runs away but returns when I call her.  Sadie is such a good-natured girl, she doesn’t even give Pippin a dirty look.

Week 6:  Bonding by vacuum

Sadie and Pippin hiding from vacuum

Pippin still views Sadie as a threat to be avoided at all costs but there’s apparently one thing more intimidating than Sadie — the vacuum cleaner.  Previously they’ve run in separate directions when I’ve vacuumed but today they both make a beeline for my bedroom.  Sadie gets the bed; Pippin gets the floor.







Week 7:  But that’s MY spot

Pippin’s definitely feeling more comfortable — and so is Sadie.  Both girls are feisty this week.  Sadie’s been patient up until this point and for the most part, she still is, BUT it does seem like she’s ready to take a stand.  I’ll admit, she’s been fascinated with Pippin and has tentatively approached her on several occasions, wanting to be friends.  That said, she’s also been quick to back away or to avoid a spot that Pippin seems to prefer.  She still backs away when Pippin hisses or puts her ears back, but Sadie has apparently decided to let Pippin know that she’ll sit wherever she wants to sit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of the best things that I ever bought Sadie is an s-shaped scratchy thing — she reclines on it and uses it to practice her disembowling kicks on a daily basis.  I bought one for Pippin as well.  Sadie still loves HER s-shaped scratchy thing but she also likes Pippin’s.  The minute Pippin leaves the room to answer nature’s call, Sadie claims it.  Pippin returns and the two stare at each other a bit before someone decides to play nonchalant and start grooming herself (it’s about 50/50 as to who breaks eye contact first).  When Sadie leaves, maybe to answer nature’s call, maybe to filch some of Pippin’s food (yes, that’s happened), Pippin is back in her spot.  It’s like living with two feline Sheldons.

The highlight of this week is that for all of their posturing, this is the week that the two girls attempt to play with each other.  Pippin takes the initiative — she hides behind the white lace curtains and I can see her wiggling her butt like there’s no tomorrow.  Sadie is oblivious.  Pippin charges out but when she gets to Sadie, she suddenly realizes that this may not be a good idea, and backpedals as fast as she can while hissing.  Sadie looks confused.  Later, when I’m petting Pippin, Sadie races up and taps Pippin’s tail but does her own version of the backpedal.  Who needs tv when pets are around?  I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying.

Week 8: Taking a step back

For whatever reason, neither girl shows interest in trying to play with the other this week.  They seem comfortable with each other although Pippin will occasionally charge Sadie and hiss if she thinks Sadie is in her way, like when Sadie was planted in the middle of the bedroom doorway this morning.  And Pippin did bonk Sadie on the head last night when Sadie interrupted Pippin’s petting session.  All in all though, I’m happy with the progress they’ve made.  They are both sweethearts and I’m lucky to have them!

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TGIF: keep walking . . .

Keep Walking

It’s been an interesting week with Sadie and Pippin. Here’s hoping I don’t walk in on a scene like this when I get home tonight!

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A Tale of Two Kitties: Part 2

Sadie and Pippin 2

Click here for A Tale of Two Kitties, Part 1.

Financially, I feel more comfortable limiting myself to one pet because I feel more confident that I can handle any potential health issues that crop up.  A few years ago, my rabbit Petey had bladder issues and last year Sadie had a severe kidney issue — both resulted in large vet bills.  That said, when Pippin stood up, put her paws on my patio door, and meowed, I had to take her in.

I may have been a couple hundred dollars poorer by the end of February 8th but I was thrilled — aside of worms, Pippin was healthy.  I dosed her with dewormer and within a few days knew that it would be hard to consider finding another home for her.  I still worry about the financial aspect of having a second pet but we’ve bonded; I will just have to find a way to save more money in case health issues arise.

The dilemma now is convincing Sadie and Pippin that there’s room for both of them in my apartment.  Sadie’s been an only child for 4 years now and who knows what Pippin has endured while she’s been fending for herself — her torn ear and the scar above her eye are testament to at least one fight.  Both Sadie and Pippin are young adults, so they’re well past the kitten stage when every new creature is a potential playmate.  The vet recommended that I keep them separated for at least a week but cautioned that it might take a good deal longer for them to accept one another.

Luckily, Pippin seems quite content in my guest bathroom, despite the fact that there are no windows.  The bathtub has been cozied-up with a kitty cube, a padded crate mat, and several toys.  For the first time in who knows how long, she’s safe, she’s warm, and she’s comfortable.  Sadie has been less certain of this arrangement — unable to see Pippin but able to smell her, for the first few days Sadie seemed convinced that something huge and terrifying lurked behind that door.  She refused to walk past it.

Pippin 19

About midway through the first week, I started opening the door for short periods but I planted myself in the doorway as a human barrier.  I intended to follow the vet’s advice and keep them separated but I thought they’d both feel more comfortable if they could see as well as smell each other.  So that they would associate good things with one another, I gave them both treats while doing this.  I also took turns letting each of them chase string.  This definitely did wonders for Sadie — rather than avoiding passing that door at all costs, she began to sniff it cautiously, and now makes herself comfortable on the other side of it.

While Sadie appears to be warming up to the idea of having a sibling, Pippin still has reservations.  We’re now in our third week and I’ve begun leaving the bathroom door wide open while I’m home and awake.  Pippin has ventured out of the bathroom exactly twice.  Sadie has tried to approach her cautiously but Pippin hisses whenever Sadie gets within three feet of her.  Sadie backs away quickly and gives me a puzzled look when this happens.  I reassure her that she’s a good girl and reassure myself that it will work out in time.  It’s early yet.

Sweet Sadie

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