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Men Behaving Badly

One of the things I like about my city is that we have some great local bands.  One of our favorites was playing this past weekend so my friend Melissa and I went to see them perform, something we’ve done many times.  The band was amazing, as always, but the crowd was not.  Do we really have to have cards made with the following list of rules?

  • Attempting to dirty-dance with someone minus their permission is NOT acceptable.  *When we shake our head no and step away, that means permission has been DENIED.
  • The frontal approach for said dancing is bad enough when there has been no previous connection whatsoever, but trying this from behind has serious consequences.
  • If I’m not into you coming up behind me, I’m not going to be into coming up behind you.  *Yes, one of the MBBs actually thought moving in front of us and wiggling backwards might work when the other approach failed.
  • The wedding ring on your finger means something to us even if it means nothing to you.
  • Showing us the photo of your kid does not excuse you from the above.  It does make us feel sorry for the kid.
  • Groping may result in loss of limb.

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Loved the Louis Bonsib exhibit at the Museum of Art

If you haven’t checked out the Louis Bonsib exhibit at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, you still have a few more days—according to their website, the exhibit will remain until January 11.  One example of his work is Allen County Hills

image courtesy of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

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Love the Embassy Theatre! Love the Philharmonic!

Attended Saturday’s Musical Storytelling performance—loved it!!!  Many thanks to Edith for the ticket and Kirsten for the company!

photo courtesy of fortwaynecvb on flickr

photo courtesy of fortwaynecvb on flickr

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I attended my first hockey game this past Friday—it was a lot of fun!

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Fright Sites Hike

The Fright Sites Hike this past weekend was chilly but fun!  Many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Snow Queen for braving the cold wind and the scary Fort Wayne ghosts with me!  Thanks also to Marra for providing an entertaining tour!

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