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Happy Birthday, mom

My mom would have been 70 years old today.  She died far too early, at the age of 39.  Miss her every single day.


mom and me


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The more things change, the more they stay the same

way back when

Two silly girls, way back when

Memories — my best friend April has boxes of them.  We have been friends since our sophomore year of high school – oddly enough, the friendship began with her scaring me witless.  How?  She asked me if I was ready for the test that day and I panicked because she was in my Geometry class and that was my worst class EVER.  As it turns out, there was no test in Geometry — she was new to our school and had lots of unfamiliar faces to remember — she thought I was in her Biology class.  That memory and others came rushing back as she pulled out a box of keepsakes from high school which included many notes about boys as well as copies of the school paper.  I used to write for the school newspaper but sadly I didn’t save any copies.  As I scanned several of my old articles, I realized that among the three blogs I contribute to (Lighthearted Librarian, As You Like It, and What’s Happening), I’m still writing about the same topics.

  • Humor.  In high school, I penned lighthearted pieces about what to do with a less than stellar report card and how to deal with a pesky little brother.  Today I look for fun things to post on this blog’s TGIF feature and As You Like It’s Smiles feature.
  • Entertainment.  In high school, I wrote about Rick Springfield and Sheena Easton, and the like.  Today I write about Dancing With the Stars, Once Upon a Time, Lost, movies etc.
  • Poetry.  Most of my poetry-related posts to date have appeared on the As You Like It blog but I did include a special Christmas poem on this blog.
  • Local events.  I love local events but mostly write about them on the AYLI and WH blogs – I may need to reconsider this.

What’s missing are book reviews but trust me, my nose was in a book as often as possible!  I suppose I was too busy writing book reports for class to set time aside to write book reviews for fun.  If I could go back in time, I would make the time.  I’d also keep a memory box like April did — the girl has always been ahead of the game!  We laughed as we sifted through the reminders of our teen years, we cringed at how boy-crazy we were, and we laughed some more.  And, no — twenty-some years later, we still don’t have a clue about men.  We do know ourselves much better though, so we have far fewer cringe-worthy moments!

visiting our college stomping grounds

Two fun-loving but self-assured women visiting our college stomping grounds. Yes, we attended college together too! Just don’t ask about the semester we tried to be roommates . . .

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Blast from the Past: Becky the Mastermind

I love a good mystery so is it any surprise that Clue was one of my favorite games growing up?  Imagine my delight when my best friend April called me the other day to tell me that she’d found an old scorecard from our high school years.  Apparently it wasn’t enough to try and guess who did what where with what object – I embellished my scorecard with commentary on the game itself, assigning each of us nicknames according to who knows what.  Somehow I retained the monicker “the Mastermind” throughout the game while April was at turns Impetuous, Confused and Impertinent.  Joe started off as a Sneak but transitioned into the Frustrated and finally the Judge.  Amanda apparently had the worst seat in the house as she began the game as “Amanda of the Sore Buttocks”.  Amanda went on to be dubbed the Intellectual but apparently she takes after Moriarty because her final descriptor of the game was the Convict.

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Guess Who?

One of my goals for 2010 is to begin scanning old photographs so that I have digital backup copies.  One down . . .

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