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TGIF: Sawyer

No snarky Sawyer comments . . . just a gorgeous man surprising his girl with a single flower.  Awwww . . .

Sawyer with flower


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Favorite Doc Jensen monikers & quotes

  • Death Star Island
  • baldheaded bogeymen
  • Others House of Healing Day Spa
  • Locke-ness Monster
  • BFF (barefooted freaky friend)
  • the Ghost-Hustler
  • His Royal Smokeyness
  • FrankenLockenstein
  • Smokenstein
  • freaked-out flock of ex-Others
  • Crazy Claire’s cozy-creepy Little Yoda Hut on the Prairie
  • Satana Locke
  • Smokesaurus Rex
  • How do you solve a problem like the Smoke Monster?  How do you catch a cloud and pin him down?
  • Sentinel of the Source
  • The Three Wise-Asses from the East
  • Big Bad Fake Baldie
  • Big Bad British Baldie

These are a few of mine.  If you read Doc Jensen’s Totally Lost column, what are yours?  *And if you don’t, I highly recommend it.,,20313460,00.html

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Thoughts on Lost (part 30)

Sideways World is the Afterlife Part 1. I’m still torn about this storyline.  On the one hand, it is a clever twist given that when the series began most of us were wondering if the Island was Purgatory.   It was powerful to see the characters we’ve loved have happy endings.  It’s also much easier to wrap my head around than say a parallel universe in which characters are aware of their Island-World counterparts.

That said, I think I would have preferred knowing more about Jacob, Smokey and the people they dealt with on the Island rather than puzzling over the Sideways World this season and having that puzzle solved.  I also would have preferred a glimpse of post-Island world for those who managed to escape.  I always felt that the characters helped each other grow and that their time on the Island was important—I didn’t need verification of that.  Beyond character-driven questions like “will Sayid emerge from his zombie-state?”, I’ve been most curious about things like a) What went wrong with Richard’s intermediary-role between Jacob and the Others? b) Jacob didn’t bring Dharma to the Island, did he?  If he didn’t, how did they find it?  Why didn’t he try to stop them from digging? c) Why did pregnant women begin dying on the Island?  d) What happened when Man in Black first realized that he was now Smokey?  What happened when Jacob realized that MIB was now Smokey?   e) What was Claire’s time with Smokey like? f) a pure bonus would have been a glimpse of the statue-builders.

Questions from the Sideways Storyline:

  • Sayid and Shannon???  Okay, they were on the Island together but he was with Nadia after he escaped the Island the first time.  Nadia is his great love and he saw her die—shouldn’t he have received a spark from her?  Or maybe he couldn’t because his “I don’t deserve you” sentiment somehow blocked that connection?
  • Michael betrayed his friends to save his son—and, yes he shot a couple of innocents—but Ben’s list of crimes include gassing an entire village.  How is Michael more deserving of permanent Island-Whisperer status than Ben?  Is it that he tried repeatedly to kill himself out of guilt?  Is he trapped because he won’t allow himself a shot at peace?
  • Where was Vincent?

Island-World. Powerful storyline—I loved it even though it made me cry.

Questions from Island-World storyline:

  • What plane wreckage were we viewing at the end of the episode?  Oceanic 815 as a reminder of how the series began?  Ajira 316 meaning that all of our Losties are dead?
  • Did Jack receive any sort of inherited wisdom from Jacob?  Did Hurley receive any from Jack?  Is this just a case of whomever drinks the magical water gains great power but no special knowledge?
  • What did Desmond see when Widmore doused him with energy?  I’m assuming that he saw Sideways World since he referenced it but what made him think that he needed to remove the stone?  Apparently that was the thing to do since it made Smokey mortal again so maybe I shouldn’t question this one.
  • Did Claire return to Aaron?  Desmond to Penny and Charlie?  What did the others go on to do with their post-Island lives?

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    Thoughts on Lost (part 29)

    Questions Answered:

    • Jacob chose the candidates because they needed the Island as much as the Island needed them.
    • Jacob crossed Kate’s name off the list because she became a mother.
    • Widmore planted the dynamite on the plane
    • Smokey plans to destroy the Island

    The Candidates. How did Jacob get all of his candidates on the same flight?  How much influence over the outside world does he have?  Why didn’t he ever consider Richard?  Maybe he felt Richard could provide continuity between Guardians?

    Jack was the obvious candidate to volunteer for the job but did he accept the role too easily?  I’m worried that he will be killed by Claire or some other trap Smokey sets and then one of the others will have to take the role.  Right now, I think that role would fall to Sawyer—he’s still grieving Juliet and now he feels guilty for Jin and Sun.  *On the other hand, there’s only 2 hours left—maybe this is one thing which will go according to plan.

    Ben. I think Alex’s grave unsettled him and I think he is truly ready to accept his death at the hands of Smokey.  I think that there was a measure of revenge in giving Widmore to Smokey BUT I think that Ben killed Widmore to keep Smokey from getting information.  I think Ben’s playing along with Smokey right now so that he can work against him.  I think Ben will die at the hands of Smokey.

    Widmore. Did Jacob really approach him off-Island?  I have my doubts.  If Jacob told him everything he needed to know, he would know that Smokey wants to destroy the Island and Jacob believes that will affect the outside world as well.  Sooo, there’s no point in trusting Smokey will save Penny or anyone else.  Maybe Widmore was just going to spin a bunch of lies and hope to stall Smokey???

    Ashes. Apparently original ashes keep Jacob’s spirit around but tossing them in fire and letting the fire go out, releases Jacob’s spirit.

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    Thoughts on Lost (part 28)

    Questions Answered.

    • Jacob and Smokey are brothers
    • I can understand why Smokey said his mother was crazy
    • Jacob did strip Smokey’s soul from his body.
    • Jacob can’t lie and he’s apparently been a happy, optimistic soul from the beginning
    • Smokey can lie pretty easily and he’s had a dissatisfied, pessimistic soul from the beginning. Oh, and Smokey can see & talk to dead people.
    • It was the Others from Jacob and Smokey’s childhood that dug wells and built the donkey wheel.
    • The “Adam & Eve” skeletons are Other Mother and Smokey

    Why has Jacob been appearing to Smokey as a kid?  To remind him of better times?  *I’m a little bothered that Sawyer can see kid Jacob too—I don’t want Sawyer to be the next Smokey.

    Island Guardian?  Demi-Goddess?  Crazy Lady? We really don’t know how long the Other Mother has been on the Island but I’m going to assume that it’s been awhile.  I’m also going to assume that she does have some supernatural powers, either inherently or from accepting the cup/grail from the Island’s previous Guardian.  Going along with that, I’m guessing that the Island has always had some sort of Guardian and that knowledge is passed on to the replacement through a drink from the special carafe.  Is the knowledge passed on unfiltered or is it shaped by individual perceptions over time?  Is some knowledge lost?

    Why did the Other Mother kill Claudia and lie to the boys?  I think the birth of two babies, as of yet uncontaminated by contact with people, was too good of an opportunity to let pass.  I think she was already thinking of her replacement and I think she saw him in baby Smokey.  If she had let Claudia live, Claudia would have eventually found her shipmates and the twins would have been raised by regular, flawed humans.  As far as lying to the boys, I think she was waiting until they were old enough to “understand” everything she had done.  *Did the Other Mother bring the ship to the Island, knowing a pregnant woman was on board?

    Why did the Other Mother hit Smokey over the head and kill the Others?  To keep them from getting into the light and becoming numerous angry smokeys?  She did say that going into the light would be far worse than death and it did look look like they were going to accomplish it.  Why didn’t she just share what she knew with Smokey?  I can understand her wanting to let them grow up before sharing information but Claudia’s ghost removed that choice.  Why didn’t she reach out to Smokey over the years?  Had she already ruled him out as the Guardian and just hadn’t considered how serious he was about getting off the Island?  Shouldn’t a Guardian be keeping closer tabs on the Island’s inhabitants anyway?

    She thanked Smokey for murdering her—I’m guessing that eternal life guarding an Island and killing innocent people to serve the greater good takes its toll and she was grateful to be released from her obligation.  She may have wanted to ease his guilt too, hoping that Jacob would fill him in on all the things that she’d kept secret for so long and that he’d finally understand everything.  *I also wonder if Jacob was ready for the same release, and that’s why he let Ben kill him.  I wonder if the smirking kid Jacob isn’t smirking because he sees that Smokey won’t succeed but is smirking because he knows that Smokey’s about to be replaced too and they can be kids together again.

    The Rules. I had hoped for more clarification here.  The Other Mother said that she had made it so that Jacob and Smokey couldn’t harm each other but apparently that doesn’t include bloody fistfights or even separating Smokey’s soul from his body.  I’m guessing that as Smokey grew angrier over the years, he did try to kill Jacob and couldn’t—but was it all a bluff until Jacob became the Guardian?  Like Smokey, the Other Mother can lie and has repeatedly to serve her own agenda.

    I’m guessing that the Guardian-protection goes away once the new Guardian has accepted the job.  Sooo, I’m a little worried about our other Losties once someone (Jack?) accepts the job.

    I think Jacob and Smokey only became truly tied to the Island when Jacob accepted Guardianship and when Smokey was tossed into the light.  *Although Jacob can apparently leave when he wants to but maybe that’s because the Guardian makes the rules?

    What is Smokey’s name??? He has to have a name, I would like to know it and I think there must be a good reason we haven’t been given it yet.

    The Island. This Garden of Eden type of place holds a cave of light that provides good things like life and rebirth but its sheer power is too much to encounter directly.  I understand needing to keep people from entering the light.  I can only guess that Smokey carries so much of its negative power that would be too much for the world if it were anywhere but the Island.  Or, pessimist that he is, he would choose to cleanse the whole world of humanity’s corruption.  And I’m guessing that Smokey knew some of the Candidates had survived because he still felt the tie to the Island.

    Is there a way to release Smokey from his fate, put the power back into the light and have everything turn out okay???

    Other random thoughts. Jacob pummeled Smokey on at least two occasions but Smokey never raised a hand back.  Is the loom just a loom or representative of weaving fate?

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    Thoughts on Lost (part 27)

    Smokey betrays the Losties. Despite what he says, it does look like Smokey is unable to kill Candidates directly, either because some unknown power prevents him from doing so, or, because the consequences would negate his goals.  I hope next week’s episode gives us some answers to the “Rules”.  I’d also like to know who the kid is.

    Even though bullets and knives don’t harm him, I’m guessing a bomb can hurt Smokey; otherwise, why not just hop on the plane with the Losties and let it explode?  Unless even a few feet of separation from the Island does bad things to him while the Candidates are still alive.

    As far as the backpack-bomb goes,  I believe that Jack was correct with his guesses.  Smokey had to gamble that the Losties would find a way to ditch him AND he had to gamble that someone would open the backpack at some point while they were all still together. * I suspect that the timer didn’t start until Jack opened the bag—I don’t know how Smokey arranged it, but that’s less of a gamble if he needs them to try and defuse it.  Of course, he could have gambled that someone would get shot and that they would open it right away.

    The big question though:  how did Smokey know that some candidates had survived???

    Claire. I’m afraid that Claire is going to slide back into revenge mode after another “abandonment”.

    Desmond. He’s still in the well but Sayid did not kill him—yay!  It still raises the question though—was Smokey unable to sense him because he’s not a Candidate—or did Smokey just resolve to deal with him later, after he killed off the Candidates?

    Sayid. I’m glad he came back from the Smokey-side.  Tough to see him die.

    Jin & Sun. Heartbreaking.

    What happened happened. It seems like we’re hearing this phrase a lot.  Is this a clue that the Island-world is the true world?

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    Thoughts on Lost (part 26)

    Questions Answered. Smokey says that he assumed Christian’s form to lead Jack to water (Season 1).  I’m not sure if I believe him.  Smokey has repeatedly shown great contempt for people and has killed quite a few without any provocation; leading people to water just doesn’t seem his style.  It is possible that Smokey recognized that he needed something from Jack so it was in his best interests to help—but, if that’s the case, why didn’t he make a move way back when?  Because Jacob stopped him?  Maybe.  In all honesty, I’m not sure the writers had Smokey in mind when they had Christian walking about—like any story, it’s evolved as it’s gone along.  I am interested to see if this truly is the answer or if Smokey’s just lying—again.

    Speaking of Smokey & Jack. Smokey must need Jack for something because he did save him when Widmore’s attack began.  Again, saving people, especially Jacob’s Candidates, isn’t Smokey’s style.  Previously, Smokey protected Kate from Claire only because he needed her—he told Claire that whatever happened afterward was okay with him.

    Widmore. I’ve never liked nor trusted Widmore.  He has his own plan for the Island and I don’t think our Losties have any place in it except to defeat Smokey.  I think Widmore’s rounding our Losties up because he wants them handy in case he needs them for something (as a former leader of the Others, he probably suspects something of Jacob’s purpose for them).  *For all of his complaints to Desmond about not having a relationship with Penny, not seeing his grandson etc, I’m inclined to believe that the we saw the real Widmore when his  Sideways character spoke of wishing he could focus only on his wants/needs.

    Sayid. I think Desmond helped Sayid begin the journey back to redemption.  I believe Desmond is currently running about, doing whatever he needs to do.  I also suspect that Sayid might be the devastating death that we’ve been led to expect.  Through the seasons we’ve seen him struggle against his assassin-identity.  Sayid wants to be a good man and there is good in him.  If he died as Smokey’s zombie we might be relieved BUT if he dies after he finds his way back from that state, particularly if he does so to save someone else . . . that would be heartbreaking.  More than that though, it seems like his character is the only Lostie that doesn’t find a better life in Sideways World.

    With the possible exception of Sun & Jin. Although I suspect that Sayid is our devastating death, I’m also worried about Sun & Jin.  Jin’s promise that they would never be apart again sent shivers down my spine.  In the Sideways World, they still have Sun’s dad to worry about.

    And Desmond. I think I’m most afraid that Desmond might be the devastating death.  I’m afraid that, like Dogen, Desmond might be one of the final obstacles Smokey has to remove before he can escape.  This thought probably needs revision though—surely, if this were the case, Smokey would have realized that Desmond was still alive (?) and would have sought to correct the situation immediately???

    Smokey. I agree with Doc Jensen,,20313460_20362835_3,00.html that Smokey turned Jack’s question back on him (what do you really want to ask?) in order to avoid giving away too much information.

    Only 4 episodes left . . . .

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