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Blast from the Past: Becky the Mastermind

I love a good mystery so is it any surprise that Clue was one of my favorite games growing up?  Imagine my delight when my best friend April called me the other day to tell me that she’d found an old scorecard from our high school years.  Apparently it wasn’t enough to try and guess who did what where with what object – I embellished my scorecard with commentary on the game itself, assigning each of us nicknames according to who knows what.  Somehow I retained the monicker “the Mastermind” throughout the game while April was at turns Impetuous, Confused and Impertinent.  Joe started off as a Sneak but transitioned into the Frustrated and finally the Judge.  Amanda apparently had the worst seat in the house as she began the game as “Amanda of the Sore Buttocks”.  Amanda went on to be dubbed the Intellectual but apparently she takes after Moriarty because her final descriptor of the game was the Convict.

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The end of an era

It’s official–my good friend and neighbor for the past few years has moved into her lovely new home.  No more chance meetings in the hallway or on the sidewalk near our apartment building; no more impromptu patio visits when Bartle-dog decides that’s the direction he wants to go for his walk.  The next time one of us has a family or relationship crisis, we’ll have to hop in the car and take a drive for that shoulder to cry upon.  Luckily, it will be a short drive–Melissa’s only moving a mile or so down the road.  There’s really no need for me to get all Rachael & Monica about it, right?  We’ll still get together for our tv nights–I mean, it just feels silly to yell at the tv when you’re watching alone.  Our favorite shows to watch together have been Lost, Being Human (BBC and SyFy), Sherlock, and Vampire Diaries (Damon Salvatore is HOT).

And, let’s not forget, we work in the same library.  In fact, there have been times we’ve barely crossed paths at the apartment complex but have seen each other throughout the day at work.  So, instead of looking at it as the “end of an era”, I’ll try to look at it as the beginning of a new era.  Of course, it will help a great deal if my new neighbor across the hall bears a striking resemblance to any of the following:  Joe Manganiello, Colin Farrell, or Matthew Perry!  If I can’t have one of my best friends across the hallway, I think I should have an age-appropriate hottie!

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What have I been doing?

My last post was on June 28th – I haven’t been blogging so what have I been doing?

  • Hanging out with Erin and Melissa
  • Reading
  • Negotiating rent with my apartment complex (I’m currently paying $10 a month above the market rate and they want to raise my rent an additional $25 a month.  I think that’s unfair.)
  • Trying to keep my patio garden alive despite record temperatures
  • Talking on the phone with April
  • Maintaining my workout routine even though it’s way too hot to be fun
  • Going to the theater with Melissa to see Magic Mike.  I’m still laughing.
  • Playing with Sadie-Cat
  • Relaxing

My nice little staycation is over now so it’s back to blogging!

Melissa, Erin and me. Not our most current pic but one of our best!

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