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Being Human Season 3 Finale

First of all, if Marcy Ogle is reading this post, she needs to stop reading now and come back to it after she has watched the finale.  This post has spoilers and trust me, you don’t want to know what’s coming ahead of time.

Now onto the discussion!  Mitchell made a lot of mistakes in Season 3 and I have to admit, I was wondering how he could ever recover from them.  I hated that he did not want to help Adam and I hated that he offered McNair up to the vampires.  When watching him prepare to sacrifice Nancy in order to bring back Herrick’s memories, my good pal Melissa turned to me and said “how are they ever going to redeem him now?”  It did seem like he was quickly approaching the point of no return.

And then, as we all knew they would, Annie, George and Nina finally realized that Mitchell was involved in the Box Tunnel 20 murders.  I knew that this would be heartbreaking but I had no idea just how heartbreaking this scene would be.  The love of his life and his best friend lose all faith in his ability to stay clean.  Given the guilt Mitchell felt, it wasn’t surprising that he asked George to kill him.  What was surprising was that they seemed to think it was the right thing to do.  When they actually agreed that George would do it, Melissa and I exchanged horrified looks:  we couldn’t believe that the story was actually taking this turn.  The show is all about how Mitchell, Annie and George help each other, how they pull each other back from dangerous impulses, how they strive to retain their humanity.  How does killing Mitchell fit in with that?

I re-watched the episode (and yes, I cried, AGAIN).  As much as I hate the thought of Being Human without Mitchell, I think I get it.  As much as I think that it was too early to give up on Mitchell, the truth is that he’s always either been on the verge of losing control or well past it.  Maybe the vampiric drive is too strong for anyone to resist forever; maybe Mitchell’s redemption lay in his willingness to end his own life before he could hurt anyone else.  Considering that previous episodes had him so selfishly determined to live forever that he nearly sacrificed McNair and Nancy, maybe his willingness to let go of his life can be seen as the most unselfish thing he could do.

What do you think?  Was there redemption in Mitchell’s request for George to drive a stake through his heart?  Was Herrick lying when he said there was no way to come back from that kind of death?  If not, do the Old Ones know tricks that Herrick didn’t?  *The Old Ones definitely have some tricks up their sleeves: Wyndam was able to enter the house without an invitation but, way back in Season One, Herrick caught on fire when he burst through the door to stake Mitchell.


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