The Lost Child of Lychford

lost-child-of-lychfordBook Review:  The Lost Child of Lychford by Paul Cornell

Lizzie’s first Christmas as St. Martin’s vicar is just around the corner.  Expectations are high.  It’s frustrating for her when her parishioners are less than receptive to the Advent Carol Service and Christingle she planned with such care.  With two weeks still to go, she’s in a foul mood.  In addition to all of the other details she’s trying to get just right, a couple from Swindon want to get married in her church on Christmas Eve.  She’s unrecognizably temperamental.  And that’s before the apparition of a small boy begins visiting her.

Judith and Autumn had some shining moments in this novella, but that’s all that worked for me this time.  I saw what happened to Judith, so I sold on that particular storyline.  But Lizzie and Autumn???  How were they taken over by the dark?  Cornell tells us that they have been but that wasn’t enough for me.  When dark forces tried to manipulate things in the first book, The Witches of Lychford, we saw the how, and that made all the difference, for me at least.  Lizzie’s already deeply controlled when the book opens though — how did that happen?  Especially to someone who can see otherworldly beings for what they are?  And Autumn?  One minute she’s fine, the next minute she’s fixated on a guy to the point of not caring that her best friend is trying to damage her hands or that Judith has been missing for days?  At least show me someone slipping something into her drink.





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