Witches of Lychford by Paul Cornell

witches-of-lychfordBook Review:  Witches of Lychford by Paul Cornell

A supermarket wants to build its newest store in the sleepy hamlet of Lychford.  Some of Lychford’s residents like the idea; some do not.  Judith Mawson knows that the proposed location for the store would be more than bad for the community — it would be catastrophic.  Lychford lies on the boundary between worlds and destroying that border, which the supermarket would do, would open the gateways to beings humans should never encounter.  Unfortunately, she’s not liked by her neighbors.  Normally this doesn’t bother her because she doesn’t like them either, but she needs them to listen to her now.

Lizzie grew up in Lychford and has recently returned to become its new pastor, but a recent tragedy has caused her faith to falter.  Autumn was Lizzie’s friend growing up, despite the fact that she’s always been an atheist and Lizzie has always been religious.  Something happened to her after Lizzie left for her studies, something she still isn’t able to face.

All three women are separate from Lychford while being a part of it:  Judith and Autumn for their notoriety, Lizzie for her time away and her current wall of grief.  Judith will bring them together and together they will fight to save the town.

A quick, light read with an interesting premise.  The heart of this story revolves around the women, each scarred by past choices, past events.  Cornell does an exceptional job creating such intriguing characters, and revealing pertinent details from their pasts at just the right time.  And he does it within a bare 144 pages.



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