High Country by Nevada Barr

High Country

Book Review:  High Country by Nevada Barr

Four Yosemite park employees have gone missing and no one wants to talk.  Enter Anna Pigeon.  A ranger from elsewhere in the national park system, she’s able to fill in as a waitress at the Ahwahnee Hotel and gather what information she can from her unsuspecting coworkers.  True to form, Anna soon uncovers connections which lead her to the scene of their disappearance.  Unfortunately, she’s quickly spotted by people who don’t mind making one more park employee disappear.

I’ve fallen behind on reviewing, again, so it’s been a couple of months since I read this.  A few things stood out to me at the time though.  One, Anna remains a force to be reckoned with.  She may be tiny but she’s sharp and she’s a fighter.  She gets banged up, quite often, but she tends to do more damage to the bad guys than they do her.

Two, as much as I love Anna, and you know I do, there were a few points in this book that didn’t make sense to me.  Anna found the scene quite easily — and the reason for the disappearance.  It was a common trail, one that someone had seen one of the hikers on.  I have to assume that someone checked out that trail — why didn’t they find what Anna found?  Why didn’t aerial searches spot what Anna saw so clearly?  Why would a bad guy give such obvious clues to several people he was partying with?  Okay, he was probably drunk (I don’t remember) BUT  the scene rang untrue enough to me that I still remember thinking it as I read it, a couple of months later.

Those issues aside, Anna herself does not disappoint.  I loved this book — her overnight ordeal in the Sierras is one of her most challenging survivals yet.  The 12th book in the series and Anna is as compelling a character as ever — as are the various parks which she serves.

Looking forward to Hard Truth and dreading the day when I don’t have another Anna Pigeon novel to look forward to.


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