A Tale of Two Kitties: It’s a Festivus Miracle!

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Ten months after first bringing Pippin into my home, she and Sadie are touching noses and occasionally even sitting on my lap at the same time (see middle pic above).   Yay!  They’re not BFFs yet but I think they’ll get there eventually.  They are comfortable with each other and sometimes try to play together.  Sometimes.  Pippin shows off ninja-cat moves that seem to bewilder Sadie.  Chasing, Sadie gets.  Taking turns attacking string, Sadie gets.  Franken-Cat moves, Sadie does not get.  She promptly sits down, turns those big green eyes my way, and gives me a look like “What is wrong with Pippin?”

Sadie also likes to tattle on Pippin.  In the evenings when I’m sitting on the sofa, Sadie is usually on my lap.  I can always tell when Pippin is being naughty by Sadie’s posture.  I usually don’t hear Pippin jump up on the kitchen counter but Sadie does — she’ll sit up suddenly and glance from me to the kitchen and back to me again.  So, I move Sadie to the side, get up, and walk towards the kitchen, at which point Pippin sees me coming and jumps down from the counter.  Siblings, right?

The two are generally good about sharing.  They both sleep on my bed; when I’m on the sofa, Sadie usually sits on my lap and Pippin usually sits beside me.  Pippin does get a little possessive about their S-shaped scratchy things.  I can always tell when Pippin is annoyed with Sadie because she makes a beeline for Sadie’s scratchy-thing and scratches like there’s no tomorrow, casting looks at Sadie the whole time.  And Sadie is just as likely to return attitude with attitude; she’ll then make a beeline for Pippin’s scratchy-thing and scratch away.  Pippin usually wins the scratch-off; typically, as soon as Sadie makes her move, Pippin chases her and the contest is over.

one of the coveted scratchy things

one of the coveted scratchy things

Last week, I put up the Christmas Tree aka Sadie’s Favorite Toy Ever.  It has a noticeable cat dent from years of Sadie resting on its branches.  Sadie is just as enthralled with it as ever; Pippin is less impressed.  As it has yet to be toppled a week after I first put it up, I think I’ll actually decorate it this weekend.  Non-breakable ornaments only though — once things are dangling from the branches, Pippin may become more interested in checking it out.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


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