The Last Word by Lisa Lutz

The Last WordMemo To All Spellman Employees: Pants are mandatory. Footwear is encouraged.  Signed, The Management

If that memo isn’t enough to convince you to pick up the latest book in the Spellman series, I don’t know what will.  Maybe this.  Ever since Izzy staged a hostile takeover of her family’s PI business, she’s been all about the memos — and her parents are all about defying them.  Forget Reality TV — the Spellmans are lovable even at their most dysfunctional times.  The shenanigans at Spellman Investigations are the least of Izzy’s troubles, however.  New to looking after the company’s books, Izzy doesn’t notice when large amounts of money are mysteriously transferred into the business account — she’s just happy that she’s not bouncing checks.  By the time this activity comes to her attention, embezzling charges seem imminent.  She needs to figure out who’s behind the transfers.  And what’s going on with her parents, aside of their rebellious behavior at the office.  And why Demetrius, her least-troublesome Spellman employee, is lying to her.

I certainly hope this isn’t the last word for the Spellmans because I LOVE this series!  What I find amazing about Lisa Lutz is that she can maintain the humorous tone of this series even when addressing tough topics — and she doesn’t shy away from tough topics.


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