DWtS Season 16 Week 9


  • Kellie & Derek danced the Argentine Tango to Para Te (A.P.P.A.R.T.) 30
  • Ingo & Kym danced the Samba to One More Night (Maroon 5)  24
  • Aly & Mark danced the Rumba to When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars)  30
  • Jacoby & Karina danced the Argentine Tango to Concierto Para Quinteto (Astor Piazolla)  30
  • Zendaya & Val danced the Quickstep to Don’t Give Up (Noisettes)  25
  • Kellie & Derek danced the Flamenco to The Pirate That Should Not Be (Rodrigo y Gabriela)  28
  • Ingo & Kym danced the Charleston to Fat Sam’s Grand Slam (Bugsy Malone)  27
  • Aly & Mark danced Afro Jazz to Azumba (Gregor Salto) 29
  • Jacoby & Karina danced the Lindy Hop to Ding Dong Daddy of the D-Car Line (Cherry Poppin’ Daddies)  29
  • Zendaya & Val danced Hip Hop to Fine China (Chris Brown) 30

Favorite Couples:  Kellie & Derek, Jacoby & Karina.  I love the Argentine Tango and both couples nailed it!  I also liked Aly’s Rumba but to me the choreography didn’t quite match the lyrics.  Zendaya’s Quickstep was quick so I sort of forgive Val for the long intro.

I’m not fond of Flamenco and Derek did most of the work on that dance but what she did, Kellie did well.  Loved Jacoby’s Lindy Hop!

Who’s Going Home?:  Ingo.  He’s an okay dancer but he stands out the least.  Kellie and Zendaya have been strong from the beginning and have only gotten better.  Aly has really grown as a performer as the weeks have gone by.  Jacoby has struggled with his technique from time to time but he can dance, he has flair, and he has one of the most adorable moms to ever take attention away from the judges!


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