Once Upon a Time: Rumpel and Belle, with a twist

Lacey and Rumpel

One of the highlights of this episode was seeing a bit more of Rumpel and Belle’s story — he shows a bit of a softer side when he realizes that Maid Marian is pregnant and he decides to let Robin Hood go after all.  And then, Belle shows him affection and you can see that he’s thinking it might not be such a bad idea to show a little goodness every once in awhile.

Of course on the downsides of this episode is Belle’s cursed identity, Lacey.  I don’t get this — while everyone was cursed and Belle was languishing in the hospital’s basement, she didn’t know who she was — why wasn’t Lacey in attendance then?  And Lacey is so dramatically different from Belle — I guess the writers are reminding us that the curse emphasized the characters’ weaknesses and I guess one could say that Belle had a thing for bad boys except that she only came to care for Rumpel after he started showing some tenderness.  In any case, I do not like the Lacey/Rumpel storyline.

Everyone seems to think that True Love’s Kiss will restore Belle’s memory BUT kissing didn’t do anyone else much good when it came to remembering their true identities — Snow and Charming were kissing, Cinderella and her guy were kissing — no one recovered their memories through kissing.  Maybe, now that the Curse has been broken, true love’s kiss can work???  Is that the catch?  As long as both people want to kiss each other?

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    Storm said,

    I guess since Magic is back, true love’s kiss works again. That’s just my guess. I don’t get the Lacey thing either? I kind of wonder if Regina kept her memories from coming to Belle to punish Rumple? Hid her away so he didn’t know she made it to Story Brooke.

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      lightheartedlibrarian said,

      Maybe Regina was afraid that Gold and Lacey would hit it off? So she tweaked the curse to give Belle amnesia because it was the easiest way to keep her locked up? Lacey probably would have seduced her way out?

      I love this show but sometimes I wonder what the writers are up to!



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    susanmcmovies said,

    Here’s what I think. Before the curse was broken, only a kiss from Emma could bring memories back (remember Graham). Her kiss worked because although the curse didn’t entirely break until the end of the first season, throughout the first season Emma was slowly reversing things and giving people their happy endings like reuniting Ashley and Sean and giving Ava and Nicholas their father. You are right that now that the curse is broken any one’s kiss can break this new curse, as long as they are each other’s true loves. But another argument to make would be this: Not only have romantic true loves broken curses, like when Charming kissed Snow when she was under the sleeping curse, but family love can too because Emma woke up Henry. I don’t imagine Lacey will get close to Moe French, but if she did, I wonder if he could break her new curse too?

    I’m glad I found your blog. I’m going to go to grad school for library science and I work in my college’s library, it will be cool to follow your blog. I also will love reading your Once Upon a Time posts. I review that show too on my blog.


    • 4

      lightheartedlibrarian said,

      I’m glad you found my blog, too! I’ll check yours out–I’m looking forward to your thoughts about OUaT!

      Good luck on your degree–libraries are great places to work!



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