DWtS Season 16 Week 5

I dropped the ball last week — sorry!  If you’re looking for the dances/music/scores for Week 4, click here.  And for a thorough recap, check Louis Van Amstel’s blog here.

What a great opening number!  The song was Don’t Stop the Party by Pitbull and I believe that Lacey Schwimmer choreographed the routine.  The professional dancers are the real stars of the show and it was great to see so many of my favorites — Chelsie, Anna, Tristan, and yes, Maks.  It was a little surprising to see Maks and Karina dance together but, hey, they are pros!


  • Ingo & Kym, with Tony and Emma, danced the Cha Cha to Lady Marmalade (Labelle) 21
  • Jacoby & Karina, with Maks and Anna, danced the Jive to Long Tall Sally (Little Richard) 26
  • Victor & Lindsay, with Tristan and Emma, danced the Viennese Waltz to Never Tear Us Apart (INXS)  21
  • Alexandra & Mark, with Tony and Witney, danced the Samba to Misery (Maroon 5)  25
  • Sean & Peta, with Tristan and Chelsie, danced the Quickstep to Go Get It (Sepalot feat. Ladi6)  24
  • Kellie & Derek, with Henry and Anna, danced the Foxtrot to It Had to Be You (Ruth Etting)  27
  • D.L. & Cheryl, with Sasha and Chelsie, danced the Tango to Love Letter (Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes)  18
  • Zendaya & Val, with Maks and Emma, danced the Argentine Tango to Discombobulate (Hans Zimmer)  29
  • Andy & Sharna, with Sasha and Emma, danced the Paso Doble to The Plaza of Execution (James Horner) 18

Favorite Couples:  Zendaya & Val, Kellie & Derek, Aly & Mark, Jacoby & Karina.  I’ve always loved the Argentine Tango but WOW.  Those spins and lifts, that footwork — gorgeous.  Zendaya held her own and I was impressed that a 16 year-old could perform that routine as intensely as she did.  And Carrie Ann was right — that had to have been hell on the thighs but WOW.  Why no 10 from Len is one of tonight’s mysteries — that performance was exquisite.  Kellie and Aly were also great to watch — Kellie’s always near flawless and Aly’s really coming into her own — loved her comment about Mark, by the way.  “But Mark’s a good girl, too — he’s good at being really sassy.”  Hah.  Jacoby was a little flatfooted but the man can dance and that jump over Karina’s head was spectacular.

Gimmick of the Night:  I wasn’t sure how I felt about Len’s side by side challenge when it was announced but I loved it!  That is a lot of pressure to place on the celebrities but I think it was done at the right point in the season.  I also think there were more benefits to the celebs than drawbacks — I think it was helpful for them to have dancers of their own gender model the moves for them.

Kudos:  Cheryl Burke is an amazing choreographer!  The routine she put together for DL was fantastic — unfortunately, although he’s improved a great deal, he was a bit wooden on the dance floor — as much as I dislike Bruno’s similes, I have to agree that it looked like DL was stomping through the routine rather than dancing.  I was a little worried about Andy Dick on a zipline — I kept having Hugh Jackman flashbacks — but he pulled it off and it was a great entrance.  Unfortunately the seriousness of the Paso really doesn’t suit him but there’s no doubt that he’s giving this competition his best.

Gripes:  Seriously, Carrie Ann, enough with the lifts.  What’s the difference between an unintentional lift and a missed step?  If you’re not going to dock someone an entire point for every time they mess up (and I don’t think you should), you shouldn’t dock them because there’s an unintentional lift.

Who’s Going Home?:  Victor’s been in the bottom two twice now — it’s been a rough week for him and I think it’s about to get rougher unless a lot of viewers empathize with his relationship woes.  He’s better than DL and Andy but he’s not standing out.  DL has three things going for him — Cheryl Burke, viewers’ annoyance with the judges’ rudeness, and DL’s own sense of humor.  Andy’s heartfelt performance last week and his approach to the show in general may keep him in a little longer.

Other recaps:  Entertainment Weekly, Louis Van Amstel


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