DWtS: Season 16 Week 2


  • Ingo & Kym danced the Quickstep to Billy-a-Dick (Bette Midler) 20
  • Dorothy & Tristan danced the Jive to Chantilly Lace (Big Bopper)  15
  • Jacoby & Karina danced Jazz to Five Guys Named Moe (Louis Jordan)  23
  • Victor & Lindsay danced the Jive to Runaway Baby (Bruno Mars)  18
  • Wynonna & Tony danced the Quickstep to Neutron Dance (Pointer Sisters)  18
  • Zendaya & Val danced the Jive to This Head I Hold (Electric Guest)  26
  • Andy & Sharna danced Jazz to Poker Face (Lady Gaga)  20
  • Sean & Peta danced the Jive to Let’s Get Movin’ Into Action (Skye Sweetnam)  20
  • Alexandra & Mark danced the Quickstep to Jumpin Jack (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy)  24
  • Lisa & Gleb danced the Jive to One Way or Another (One Direction)  18
  • D.L. & Cheryl danced the Quickstep to It Don’t Mean a Thing (Duke Ellington)  16
  • Kellie & Derek danced Jazz to Lights (Ellie Goulding)  26

Favorite Couples: Kellie & Derek, Zendaya & Val, Jacoby & Karina, Ingo & Kym.  Okay, I don’t know Contemporary Jazz but I think Kellie should have gotten at least a 27, if not a 30 — WOW.  If I hadn’t known who she or Derek were, I wouldn’t have known who was the Pro.

Zendaya is easy to watch — she moves very well and keeps up with Val.  I don’t know how strong of a fan base she’ll have but I hope she stays in the competition for a long time.

Jacoby can move!  His posture was much better this week — I think he and Kellie are the celebs to beat.

Who’s Going Home?:  D.L.  Although he improved quite a bit, he’s the least comfortable on the floor AND he cussed at Cheryl in practice.  Not cool, D.L., not cool.  Cheryl’s one of the best choreographers on the show — if anyone could have gotten you relatively far in the competition, it was her.  Victor and Lisa may also be in trouble.  Although Dorothy had a bad night, I think she’ll have at least another week to redeem herself.

Other recaps: Louis Van Amstel


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