Once Upon a Time: so that’s who Greg is


It was a little freaky to see fairy tale characters driving around town their very first day in Storybrooke — I had a moment of near-envy in which I thought it would be cool if Regina cursed me with the ability to speak several languages, Cheryl Burke level knowledge of dancing, and the ability to remember all of my pin numbers.  The Matrix also inspires this type of near-envy, more so because I could choose what I wanted to download — Regina would probably just give me hundreds of ways to shush people.  Sigh.

Anyway, we knew from the beginning of this show that the curse created new identities for everyone and thoroughly Americanized them.  What surprised me was the fact that the curse didn’t allow Rumpel to retain his memory — he had to wait for Emma to appear in order to recover the true knowledge about himself.  Why?  Regina cast the curse but he created it.  Was it some price of magic or was he afraid that he’d be bored out of his mind until Emma’s arrival?

It was satisfying to see that the curse didn’t turn out the way Regina expected — she became bored quickly.

Back in present-day Storybrooke, Henry continues to annoy me to no end.  Emma and Neal had a good plan for protecting him and what does he do?  Run away, steal dynamite, and come dangerously close to blasting himself into oblivion.  Okay, it turned out for the best because he didn’t blow himself up and he did convince Regina to not curse him — but still.  Henry has a good heart and he has good instincts but he’s only 11.  Emma needs to have a firm heart-to-heart talk with him.  Parents will make mistakes, especially when trying to protect their children.  Emma is not Regina — he can trust her to do what’s right, not just what’s right for her.

Loved the heart to heart Rumpel had with Regina — it’s too bad he doesn’t apply the same insight to himself.  Vengeance has ruined Regina’s life just as magic has ruined his.  Hated Rumpel’s blase attitude about Henry’s death — that was COLD.

And finally, the big reveal:  Greg Mendel is Owen Flynn, a child that reawakened maternal feelings in Regina.  Was there a clue to his identity in the license plate?  Or is this license plate just a license plate?

Great moments:

  • Snow’s conversation with Rumpel:  he tells her that he lives with himself by telling himself that he did the right thing — and that if you repeat it enough, you learn to believe it.
  • Snow’s scene with Regina because it helps me to understand how Regina became the Evil Queen — “once you blacken your heart, it only gets darker”.  That said, I do NOT want to see Snow travel the same path.
  • Regina let both Owen and Henry go.  There is hope for her — there is hope for Snow White.

Weird moment:  Regina using Graham’s heart like a walkie talkie

Lingering questions:

  • Where is Kurt?  In the secret cells in the hospital?  Why hasn’t anyone fessed up to these yet?  Someone knows.
  • Who has Owen been talking to?  Does this person also have ties to Storybrooke?
  • If outsiders can’t see, much less enter Storybrooke — and residents can’t leave, how did Regina adopt Henry???



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