A Tale of Two Kitties: Part 2

Sadie and Pippin 2

Click here for A Tale of Two Kitties, Part 1.

Financially, I feel more comfortable limiting myself to one pet because I feel more confident that I can handle any potential health issues that crop up.  A few years ago, my rabbit Petey had bladder issues and last year Sadie had a severe kidney issue — both resulted in large vet bills.  That said, when Pippin stood up, put her paws on my patio door, and meowed, I had to take her in.

I may have been a couple hundred dollars poorer by the end of February 8th but I was thrilled — aside of worms, Pippin was healthy.  I dosed her with dewormer and within a few days knew that it would be hard to consider finding another home for her.  I still worry about the financial aspect of having a second pet but we’ve bonded; I will just have to find a way to save more money in case health issues arise.

The dilemma now is convincing Sadie and Pippin that there’s room for both of them in my apartment.  Sadie’s been an only child for 4 years now and who knows what Pippin has endured while she’s been fending for herself — her torn ear and the scar above her eye are testament to at least one fight.  Both Sadie and Pippin are young adults, so they’re well past the kitten stage when every new creature is a potential playmate.  The vet recommended that I keep them separated for at least a week but cautioned that it might take a good deal longer for them to accept one another.

Luckily, Pippin seems quite content in my guest bathroom, despite the fact that there are no windows.  The bathtub has been cozied-up with a kitty cube, a padded crate mat, and several toys.  For the first time in who knows how long, she’s safe, she’s warm, and she’s comfortable.  Sadie has been less certain of this arrangement — unable to see Pippin but able to smell her, for the first few days Sadie seemed convinced that something huge and terrifying lurked behind that door.  She refused to walk past it.

Pippin 19

About midway through the first week, I started opening the door for short periods but I planted myself in the doorway as a human barrier.  I intended to follow the vet’s advice and keep them separated but I thought they’d both feel more comfortable if they could see as well as smell each other.  So that they would associate good things with one another, I gave them both treats while doing this.  I also took turns letting each of them chase string.  This definitely did wonders for Sadie — rather than avoiding passing that door at all costs, she began to sniff it cautiously, and now makes herself comfortable on the other side of it.

While Sadie appears to be warming up to the idea of having a sibling, Pippin still has reservations.  We’re now in our third week and I’ve begun leaving the bathroom door wide open while I’m home and awake.  Pippin has ventured out of the bathroom exactly twice.  Sadie has tried to approach her cautiously but Pippin hisses whenever Sadie gets within three feet of her.  Sadie backs away quickly and gives me a puzzled look when this happens.  I reassure her that she’s a good girl and reassure myself that it will work out in time.  It’s early yet.

Sweet Sadie


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    They’re both just precious! I hope they grow to love each other. Currently my Sadie is planted outside the door of Sophie’s safe room, meowing her most curious meow.

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    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    Thanks! They’re both sweethearts and I do hope that they become friends. Sadie’s definitely interested but Pippin has reservations. I hope all goes well with your Sadie and Sophie–please keep me posted!

  3. 3

    […] I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by!  Tomorrow will mark Pippin’s 8 week anniversary as a housecat.  It’s amazing to me how Sadie and Pippin’s relationship has evolved from week to week.  If you’re just checking in, click here for A Tale of Two Kitties, Part 1 and here for A Tale of Two Kitties, Part 2. […]

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