Once Upon a Time: Roadtrip!

Leaving Storybrooke

Sorry this is late! I’ve been spending most of my free time this week trying to convince two cats that my apartment IS big enough for both of them — but more on that later. Let’s talk about Tiny!

Hurley’s back! Aside of the fact that I love Giant Hurley aka Anton aka Tiny, I loved the twist in the Jack and the Beanstalk tale. Anton was a friendly giant until betrayed by people, one of whom was Prince James.  Another was a vixenish Jack aka Jacqueline.  What perplexed me about this storyline was the fact that the villains had to be led to the beanstalk — I can only guess that it must have been in a deserted area  of FairyTale Land although it seems like something that big could be seen from a distance.  Maybe it was in a foggy, deserted area?  Ah well.  It does raise one of OUaT’s favorite questions, Nature vs. Nurture.  James and David are identical twins — one was raised by nice people, one was raised by an egotistical, ruthless king.  Both followed in their parents’ footsteps.  Snow reassured David that he wouldn’t have turned out bad if he had been raised by King George but I’m not convinced.

Because Anton happens to have a beanstalk cutting and therefore the means of growing new magic beans, this storyline also raises the thorny issue of whether Snow and Charming will agree on where they should make a home — Storybrooke or FairyTale land. While I love this particular dilemma, I have to wonder what our modern world would make of a giant beanstalk in its midst — and what FairyTale land would make of the adrenaline junkies who would climb it.

What I liked best about this episode was Rumpel’s trip with Emma and Henry. I love a vulnerable Rumpel! I do wonder why they didn’t just drive from Storybrooke to New York City but I’ll assume Rumpel had his reasons. Did he bang up his hand just because he was on edge or did he bang it up to see if his magic worked outside of Storybrooke? Probably both. I loved seeing Emma reassure him that everything would be okay — I really, really, really want him to be Henry’s gramps. Really.

I was sad to see that Regina has embraced her evil-side once again. Sigh.  I have faith that she’ll redeem herself eventually, probably in order to save Henry.

Questions: How does Rumpel know that Bae is in New York City? How did Rumpel arrange for Henry’s adoption without leaving Storybrooke? When is Josh Holloway going to get a guest role on Once Upon a Time?


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