Once Upon a Time: What Would Belle Do?

Ruby and Whale

Okay, this episode wasn’t really all about what Belle would do, but the moment Charming asked that question I knew that I had to have some fun with it.  In all seriousness though, Rumpel should ask himself that question several times a day.  On to the episode . . . .

I’m going to assume that Rumpel’s crossing of the line set off some alarm that brought Emma and Charming rushing to the scene, afraid that someone from Storybrooke was wandering about with amnesia.  I’m basing that on something Charming said a while ago when the dwarves first figured out what was going on.  But then, no one came rushing when Rumpel pushed Mr. Smee across so that may be a big assumption.  What brought the ambulance from the other side though?  I guess the stranger could have had some sort of collision alarm installed in his car that automatically called for an ambulance.  Wherever the ambulance came from, I’ll assume that their GPS indicated that Storybrooke had the nearest hospital.

Thankfully, there wasn’t much serious discussion about whether to let the stranger die, although there should have been discussion about the wisdom of letting Whale operate when he was clearly under the influence.  He’s probably the only doctor though, so I’ll cut them some slack.  And speaking of the stranger — last season, we had the mysterious man on the motorcycle who knew more than he should have about Storybrooke.  This season, we have the mysterious man in the car who knows more than he should about Storybrooke.  August was new to Storybrooke but from Fairytale Land — could Greg Mendel have a similar story?  He did run over Hook — could he be Peter Pan and could the equally mysterious Her be Tinkerbell?  What does the license plate mean???  They must have given us a close up for a reason.

Henry realizes that Whale is Frankenstein and speaks for several fans of the show.  Frankenstein’s not a fairytale, he’s not in the book — if he’s here, who else is here?  Exactly.  I’ll set aside the fact that I do not like the Frankenstein story and focus on the bigger picture — what are the writers up to?

Red and Whale — I refuse to call him Frankenstein.  Whale discovers that not only is Red luscious to leer at, she’s good to talk to as well.  She sees that he’s more than just a lech.  I still think “robs graves and reanimates corpses” is a deal-breaker but what do I know.  I did like this scene for Red’s part in it.

Hook — sigh.  I know I should hate him but I love his scenes with Emma.  The remark that NOT everything was broken was entertaining  if also cheesy and predictable but the “is there another attachment you prefer?” question was perfect.  What I like best about the two of them together is that Emma is not impressed.  “He’s on his feet, he’s immortal, he has magic, and you hurt his girl. If I were to pick Dead Guy of the Year, I’d pick you.”

While Emma scored points for her interaction with Hook, she loses points for her interaction with Greg.  She can break into his phone, check his Tweets but not check his texts?  And, she really thinks it’s believable to let him off with a warning when he ran someone over with his car???

Way back when, I joked that Rumpel and Regina might have had a thing.  I was NOT prepared for Cora and Rumpel’s history of mixing magic with pleasure.  Rumpel!  Belle would not approve!  Remember what Charming asked you!  But in all seriousness, what was that thing in the box?  Was it just me, or did that box look like the one August had on the back of his bike?  Did it contain a similar device and if so, what did it show Neil?

Regina!  Like Regina, I was super-happy when I thought Henry had gone looking for her to tell her he knew that she was innocent of killing Archie.  And, Regina-sympathizer that I am, I thought it was heartbreaking that he hadn’t.  I don’t remember how much he knew about the crypt so my expectations may have been too high, but that kid is always showing up where he shouldn’t in order to do the right thing.  This may have been the rare occasion when he decided to go to school and let the grownups take care of matters.

I’m such a softie — I think I wanted to believe Cora as much as Regina did. To my surprise, Regina stood her ground.   She probably noticed that Cora didn’t apologize for ripping out Daniel’s heart.  But then Cora played on the fact that even if Henry believed that Regina was innocent of killing Archie, she still wouldn’t have the relationship with him that she wanted.  Evil Cora!

And finally, Rumpel cashes in his favor from Emma — she’s good at finding people, she knows the outside world, and he wants her to help him find Bae.  I hope it’s Neil!


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