Once Upon a Time: Second Chances

Regina 2

Much to Hook’s dismay, he has to wait a while longer to go after Rumpel — magic exists in Storybrooke after all, as Cora effectively demonstrates by turning someone into a fish.  Was there ever any good in her?  Just wondering — Regina and Rumpel have done equally bad things and yet we know that they were once good and have the potential to be good once more.

Who did Cora kill?  She doesn’t care and we’ll probably never know — Storybrooke has a lot of residents we’ll never meet.  Does the magic that makes one dead body look like another dead body ever wear off?  If so, that may make Emma rethink what she saw in her vision and maybe Regina will get that apology after all — but will it be too late?  Why was everyone so willing to trust Rumpel’s dreamcatcher, anyway?  Sure, it was Emma’s magic that revealed the scene but who’s to say that Rumpel didn’t plant the scene?  I know he didn’t but shouldn’t Emma, Snow and Charming have considered that possibility?  They may doubt Regina’s resolve to set aside her wicked ways but they should recognize that she wouldn’t be so sloppy in her wickedness — not when she stands to lose Henry.

Did anyone else notice the swan in the harbor?

Favorite moments:

  • Archie’s alive!
  • “Go take yourself for a walk.”  Regina to Red
  • “Need I remind you, you got your PhD from a curse?” Regina to Archie
  • “Meatloaf back home: what a bitch!”  Granny (I adore Granny)
  • Emma and Henry walking in on Snow and Charming.

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    S. L. said,

    I thought the same thing about the dreamcatcher, although I oh so want Rumpel to be good!

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