Once Upon a Time: Sweet Dreams, the Marilyn Manson version

Questions Answered:  Did Snow ever visit the fiery red room after waking from her Sleeping Curse?  Yes, she did.

Questions Raised:  What led to a showdown between Rumpel and Cora?  What did Rumpel do to Granny?  How did Hook steal Aurora’s heart without her realizing it?

And now the recap:  Regina Sympathizer that I am, I loved her scenes with Henry this episode.  I also love that she and Charming are putting their history aside in order to look after Henry.  And I love, Love, LOVE that a Charming-Regina-Rumpel alliance is now developing.

What else do I love?  Snow and Charming – finally!  Snow’s taking charge and kicking butt; Charming’s doing the same.  And when she wasn’t able to kiss him to release him from the curse?  He thought seeing her again was worth being trapped in a fiery room indefinitely.  Sigh.

As you might guess, I mostly enjoyed this episode.  Charming asking to be cursed led to some excellent scenes between Henry & Regina, Snow & Charming, Emma & Snow, and Regina & Rumpel.  I was hoping for some scenes between Giant Hurley and Hook but maybe Hook will fill us in when he catches up to Emma.  Despite the fact that Hook stole Aurora’s heart and realigned himself with Cora, I’m hoping Emma will turn him around.

Best Rumpel understatement of the evening:  when he was in the diner with Belle, he indicated that his history with Granny was “complicated”.  This was followed by the cheesiest statement of the evening when Belle replied that people just had to spend more time with him.  And then a classic Granny moment when she informed Rumpel that she was going to charge him extra for pickles.

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    S. L. said,

    My favorite quote from Rumpel from this episode was: “Condiments are this world’s most powerful magic.”

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