DWtS Season 15 Finals Night 1


  • Kelly & Val chose to redo their Paso Doble to Espana Cani (Erich Kunzel)  29.5
  • Melissa & Tony chose to redo their Samba to Congo (Gloria Estefan)  30
  • Shawn & Derek chose to redo their Quickstep to Hey Pachuco (Royal Crown Revue)  27
  • Kelly & Val danced Freestyle to (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life (Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes)  29.5
  • Melissa & Tony danced Freestyle to I Was Here (Beyonce)  30
  • Shawn & Derek danced Freestyle to Carnival de Paris (Dario G)  30

My thoughts:  The judges chose an odd time to give Kelly 10’s – she did mess up pretty noticeably in her Paso.  Shawn & Derek ticked me off – do a real Quickstep!  Enough with the gymastics – this is supposed to be a show about dancing.

As far as the freestyles go, I liked Kelly’s even though the choreography wasn’t all that original – I have to agree with Len there.  That said, I think the song suited them well and she danced it beautifully.  Contemporary isn’t really my favorite but I liked Melissa’s routine and I was impressed with how long they maintained that pose at the very beginning, waiting for the music to start.  I liked elements of Shawn’s routine – you know, when she actually danced – but I’m tired of the gymnastics upstaging the actual dancing.

Who’s Going to Win?:  I’m hoping either Melissa or Kelly – both are exceptional dancers and neither relies on tricks to get the audience on their feet.  Melissa and Tony are incredibly sweet together – Kelly and Val are incredibly hot together.  I’d like to see these couples take 1st and 2nd.


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