Once Upon a Time: Red

Monday’s episode was okay.  We find out how Red managed to control the wolf aspect of her character – it wasn’t one of my burning questions but it’s good to know.  I was a little surprised that Red was so ready to trust Quinn that she followed him into an underground castle.  I was also surprised that she didn’t question her mother more than she did but I can understand – Granny did have a history of fudging the truth.

We also find out what King George has up his sleeve – finally.  Steal Red’s cloak, rip a man in two, frame Red, cast doubt on Charming’s ability to lead, take over Storybrooke.  When that fails, set fire to Jefferson’s magic hat.  Eh.  Both were evil plans but I wasn’t really worried about Red and I’m not really worried about Emma’s return to Storybrooke.  I suppose having to wait for the full moon explains why it’s taken so long for George to have his mwah-ha-ha moment.  Where did George disappear to and what will he do next?  And I feel bad for poor Gus but why exactly was a mouse transformed into a person in the first place?

Best part of the episode – the scene with Regina, Henry and Rumpelstiltskin.  Regina corrects herself, telling Henry that she cares about people now.  Rumpel tells Regina she couldn’t afford his price but there’s no charge because it’s Henry.  And Henry finds a way to control the nightmares, protect Aurora, and unknowingly communicate with his mom.

I was a little uncomfortable at the end – Charming thinks Snow is stuck in FairyTale Land indefinitely and he and Red seemed to have some chemistry going.  Nothing’s going to happen, nothing’s going to happen, nothing’s going to happen . . . right?


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