The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley

“Whatever time we have,” he said, “it will be time enough.”

After her sister dies, Eva returns to the site of many happy childhood memories, Trelowarth House on the Cornish coast.  As she renews old friendships and makes new ones, she finds herself dealing with something she doesn’t understand and can’t share.  She hears voices no one else hears and sees things no one else sees.  At first she thinks she’s losing her sanity but she soon realizes that she’s slipping back and forth in time.

I loved the setting, the characters, the story – the whole shebang!  Kearsley makes time travel seem possible – not because she spends a lot of time explaining how it happens, but because she focuses on the challenges it presents.  The fact that she creates believable, relatable characters helps too – it was easy for me to fall into the story without worrying too much about the mechanics of things, simply because I cared about the characters and found myself caught up in their stories.

The Rose Garden is a beautiful blend of past and present which explores the bonds of love, family, and home.  As always, Kearsley creates a strong sense of place and history; as always, she blends romance, mystery, and supernatural elements into a story the reader just can’t put down.  The story also has a neat little twist that I absolutely loved.  Highly recommended!


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