Once Upon a Time: Emma and Hook, sitting on a beanstalk . . .

Once again, Entertainment Weekly‘s Hillary Busis comes up with the perfect title for the most recent OUaT episode:  Locker, Stalk, and Two Smoking Hotties.  Sigh – I wish I were that clever!

Questions answered:  the guy in New York is Henry’s dad.  August/Pinocchio sent the postcard.

Questions raised:  What was in the box???  Is there more to Henry’s dad than meets the eye – whatever was in the box convinced him pretty easily.  What could possibly convince someone of this world that there’s an entire town of fictional characters under a terrible curse and their girlfriend is the only person who can break the curse?  But first she needs to have her heart broken and spend some time in prison?  Is Neal Cassidy from this world – or is he from another?  Is he really Baelfire or the White Rabbit?

Why did AP  think prison time would do Emma some good?  Did AP keep the money for himself?  If so, did he just have a good time or did he do something good with it, like look for Baelfire?  Will Emma forgive AP or Neal for sending her to prison?

Why didn’t Emma ask for the dead magic bean, just in case?  She knows that Cora is able to use the ashes from the wardrobe to create a portal – the only thing holding Cora back is that she doesn’t know where to go.  Maybe something could be done with a dead magic bean – if so, maybe Hook will be the one to figure it out.

Whose dream are Aurora and Henry sharing?  They are both being drawn into the same red room with no windows or doors, surrounded by crimson curtains that are on fire – and may even be catching glimpses of each other, but why are they being drawn there?  Did Snow have the same nightmare?  Doesn’t Charming know that it’s dangerous to fall asleep with candles burning?

The giant wasn’t in sight when Hook and Emma first pulled themselves up into his castle.  Why not start snooping before picking a fight with him?  I hope we’re given more backstory on the Giant/Human War – love Giant Hurley!

Questions remaining:  Where is AP now?

Oh, Emma moment:  Handcuffing Hook and leaving him in the tender care of Giant Hurley.  Apparently you really don’t trust your lie-detecting superpower, and who can blame you, the writers certainly can’t make up their minds whether you have it or not.  In theory, leaving Hook behind seems like a good idea.  I think you could have trusted him though – up until this point, the only thing he wanted was revenge on Rumpel and given the choice between hanging out with scary Cora along the way or four young babes that might get in a girl-fight at any moment – well, I don’t think he’d choose Cora.  Plus, the possibility of sexy girl-fights aside, he’s smart enough to know that Cora can’t be trusted.  And then there’s the fact that he thinks the two of you have a connection – or, at least he did.  Chemistry – you two have it!!!  But I digress – this decision is going to come back to haunt you.  I’m guessing that Hook and Giant Hurley won’t part on amicable terms.  Hook now has you in his sights as well as Rumpel.  Hopefully you’ll kiss and make up but I don’t think it will be that easy.


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    I think Emma can’t use her lie detecting powers cuz she is starting to feel attracted for hook and she’s afraid her judgment may be astray

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