DWtS Season 15 Week 4


  • Kirstie & Maks danced the Charleston to 42nd Street (Graham Dalby & The London Swing Orchestra).  <Dance chosen by Sabrina & Louis>  30
  • Bristol & Mark danced Rock n’ Roll to At the Hop (Danny and the Juniors)  <Dance chosen by no one – last style left on the list>  32
  • Sabrina & Louis danced Disco to You Should be Dancing (Bee Gees).  <Dance chosen by Kirstie & Maks>  35.5
  • Emmitt & Cheryl danced the Bolero to Better in Time (Leona Lewis)  <Dance chosen by Kelly & Val>  36
  • Gilles & Peta danced Bollywood to Jai Ho (Pussycat Dolls featuring A.R. Rahman).  <Dance chosen by Bristol & Mark>  39.5
  • Melissa & Tony danced the Jitterbug to This Cat’s on a Hot Tin Roof (Brian Setzer Orchestra).  <Dance chosen by Apolo & Karina>  37
  • Shawn & Derek danced the Mambo to Para Los Rumberos (Santana).  <Dance chosen by Helio & Chelsie>  39.5
  • Apolo & Karina danced Hip Hop to Poison (Bell Biv Devoe).  <Dance chosen by Melissa & Tony>  34.5
  • Kelly & Val danced Contemporary to Fix You (Coldplay).  <Dance chosen by Emmitt & Cheryl>  37.5

Favorite Couples:  What a night!  It’s really difficult to pick my favorites this week but here they are:  Shawn & Derek, Gilles & Peta, Emmitt & Cheryl, Kelly & Val.  Loved Shawn & Derek’s mambo – Shawn’s really comfortable on the floor this season and is nailing the performance as well as the technique.  I don’t think the Mambo was as much of a challenge as some of the other couples faced but I loved it.

Gilles – I think he should win just for sheer versatility.  The man can dance to anything and make it look easy and sexy.  I felt bad for Peta – as much fun as it is for us to see a different dance style, that’s a lot of pressure for the Pro who’s never danced it before, let alone choreographed and taught it.

Emmitt & Cheryl – gorgeous, sensual routine.  Loved it!

Kelly & Val – wow.  I have to admit, I didn’t much care for all of the snuggling off of the dance floor even though I know it was to stay in character for the dance.  Still, she’s basically in her underwear and it was a little uncomfortable to watch.  I think they had the most difficult dance of the night and I probably would have called Cheryl a !@#$ as well.  They pulled it off though.  I am worried for them because the night was filled with amazing dances and I’m afraid no one had any votes left by the time they danced.  (I did though.  I deliberately saved a few votes for the very end.)

Other Thoughts:  What were the judges smoking before the show started?  Paula’s the only one who gently called Bristol out for requesting more basic choreography.  Bristol did not outdance or outperform Kirstie.  She was okay, I’ll give her that, but that was it.  I give her kudos for talking Mark out of the rabbit outfits – maybe he does want to go home and who could blame him? – but those kudos were lost when she kept asking Mark for more basic choreography.  Everyone else is pushing their boundaries but not Bristol – if you’re going to actually compete in an All Stars competition, you need to push yourself to excel.

Who’s Going Home:  It should be either Bristol or Kirstie.  I love Kirstie but she’s not as good as the other dancers – and Bristol’s not as good as Kirstie, regardless of how the judges scored her last night.  I’m worried for Kelly & Val though – they danced last and it was such a great night of performances.  I’m afraid viewers’ votes may have been used up by time that they danced.

Other recaps:  Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, Washington Post


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