DWtS Season 15 Week 3


  • Drew & Anna danced the Cha Cha to Crazy in Love (Beyonce f. Jay-Z)  24  <Joey & Ashly Season 1>
  • Gilles & Peta danced the Tango to Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)  25.5 <Erin & Maks Season 10>
  • Melissa & Tony danced the Samba to Conga (Gloria Estefan)  27             <JR & Karina Season 13>
  • Apolo & Karina danced the Foxtrot to Fever (Michael Buble)  25.5 <Gilles & Cheryl Season 8>
  • Kelly & Val danced the Paso Doble to Espana Cani (Erich Kunzel)  27  <Lalia & Maks Season 4>
  • Kirstie & Maks danced the Cha Cha to Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5 f. Christina Aquilera)  24 <Carson & Anna Season 13>
  • Sabrina & Louis danced the Paso Doble to Free Your Mind (En Vogue)  25.5 <Mel B & Maks Season 5>
  • Emmitt & Cheryl danced the Paso Doble to Cancion Del Mariachi (Los Lobos f. Antonio Banderas) 25 <Mario & Karina Season 3>
  • Helio & Chelsie danced the Quickstep to Mr. Pinstripe Suit (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy)  25.5 <Apolo & Julianne Season 4>
  • Bristol & Mark danced the Paso Doble to Living on Video (Trans-X)  22.5 <Joanna & Derek Season 9>
  • Shawn & Derek danced the Quickstep to Hey Pachuco (Royal Crown Revue)  26.5 <Helio & Julianne Season 4>

Favorite Couples:  Drew & Anna, Gilles & Peta, Kelly & Val, Kirstie & Maks.

The trouble with the iconic dances is that we’ve seen them before – so it’s hard to achieve that same wow factor.  If you’re going to do it, an All Star Season is the time to do so – for the most part, the competition is close so we need something to help us decide who goes the distance.  While a good dancer, Kirstie isn’t technically as strong as Sabrina, Shawn, Melissa, or Kelly – but that Cha Cha was a blast!  I liked Sabrina’s Paso but I agree with Carrie Ann that she didn’t bring anything new to the dance.   Shawn’s routine was definitely fun but I do want to see ballroom dancing – not pseudo-ballroom dancing.  Melissa’s Samba was difficult and kudos for her to pulling it off but it looked difficult and even a little awkward at times.

Kelly and Val’s Paso was fantastic.  Loved it!  Same with Gilles & Peta’s Tango – I didn’t really need to see Peta in garters but it was a dream-thing and I’m sure that’s more than she’s wearing in plenty of guys’ dreams.  Drew and Anna were simply fun to watch – I’m not sure how far they’ll go but they’re becoming one of my favorite couples.

Other Thoughts:  Stop the madness!  I understand DWtS is competing with The Voice but enough already.  I think the half-point scoring system is silly but I can live with it.  Having the celebrities be Artistic Directors?  It turned out well enough but I’m not a fan of the concept – the professional dancers are the experts and they have to deal with enough theatrics without throwing that particular challenge into the mix.  Having the couples choose dances for their rivals?  <Eye-roll>

Who’s Going Home:  Why are we having a double-elimination in an All Star Season???

That said, I hope Bristol is one of the contestants to go home.  She danced much better than she did last week but she’s still the least-talented dancer and, in my opinion, the least-likable.  She acts as if the judges don’t score her fairly.  The judges can be unpredictable but I think they’ve been kind to Bristol.  She has a strong fan-base though so she may remain in the competition a bit longer.

Helio may be in danger and Drew as well.

Other recaps:  Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, Washington Post


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