Once Upon a Time: Broken

Love this scene! “Whale. We were under a curse. Need I remind you of Kathryn? Let it go.” Or something like that! Image courtesy of tv.com.

Whew!  I was worried what the writers would do now that “the curse” was broken but they still have some tricks up their sleeves.  The residents of Storybrooke may have their memories back but they’re not necessarily inclined to share their true identities with their fellows – hello, Dr. Whale.  Who is this guy???  He’s a leader – okay, granted people had plenty to be upset with Regina about, but it was Whale who fired them up into storming her house.  He’s arrogant – he basically scoffs at Charming and sneers that Snow’s hubby isn’t “his prince.”  He has something to hide – he doesn’t want to admit his true identity, at least not yet.  He’s a lech when it comes to women and he’s a liar.  Who is he???  An adult Peter Pan?  The Big Bad Wolf who terrorized the Three Little Pigs (as opposed to the Big Bad Wolf from Red Riding Hood).  King Neptune?  The Pied Piper?  I have no idea.

But I’m getting ahead of myself – who’s the guy from the opening sequence?  He’s not in Storybrooke but he’s apparently familiar with the town and someone sends him a postcard via dove to let him know the curse is broken.  Who knew about the curse?  Regina, Gold, Henry, Jefferson and Pinocchio – but which of them is most likely to want to contact someone in the outside world?  Gold always has something up his sleeve – is the guy Henry’s father and if so, what will happen when he comes to Storybrooke?  Would a dove even accept a message from Gold?  Is it Bae – did Pinocchio run into him while he was growing up away from Storybrooke?  Assuming Pinocchio did not come back to life when the curse was broken, maybe he made arrangements ahead of time – he was an optimist.  I suppose Jefferson could have sent it but how much would he know about Bae or Henry’s father – or anyone else outside Storybrooke?

I love that a corner of Fairytale Land still exists – but how did it escape the curse?  Maleficent didn’t escape and that appears to be her territory.  Regina appears to honestly think that everything was destroyed so it couldn’t have been some fake deal she made with Maleficent – you know, the sort of promise Rumpel would make “I won’t destroy your land”, all the while knowing she would bring Maleficent with her to Storybrooke.  Maybe Maleficent set something up before the curse took hold?

How did Phillip and Mulan know that they’d been frozen in time?  Is Phillip gone for good?  What’s the scoop with the Aurora-Phillip-Mulan love triangle anyway?  I think we’re about to see an epic smackdown between Snow and Mulan.  Aurora and Emma will be the voices of reason – I think.

And, last but certainly not least, dear bad Rumpelstiltskin.  Magic does work differently in Storybrooke – I’m sure Belle doesn’t mind that he’s lost his glitter but she may mind that kissing him isn’t enough to return him to the Light.  Belle, Belle, Belle – I love you and Rumpel but you can’t change a Bad Boy into a good man – he has to make that choice for himself.  He may have experienced some regret from his twisted promise but now that he knows you’re going to stay with him anyway?  You’ve just given him permission to continue playing with words and he will do so, despite the fact that he actually does care for you.  Your return isn’t requiring him to be the man that he can be.  Regina is likely to turn good before Rumpel does – she wants a relationship with her adopted son and he’s made it clear what she has to do to earn it – save Emma and Snow.   I think Bae may have to show up and require something similar before Rumpel’s dark side starts to crack.  By the way, what favor will Rumpel require of Emma?  We’ll have to wait awhile to find out – I suspect she’ll spend most of this season in Fairytale Land.


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