DWtS Season 15 Week 1


  • Joey & Kym danced the Cha Cha to P.Y.T. (Michael Jackson)  20.5
  • Shawn & Derek danced the Foxtrot to Good Time (Owl City)  22
  • Sabrina & Louis danced the Cha Cha to What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)  22.5
  • Helio & Chelsie danced the Foxtrot to Pride and Joy (Marvin Gaye)  21.5
  • Pamela & Tristan danced the Cha Cha to You Know I’m No Good (Amy Winehouse) 17
  • Melissa & Tony danced the Foxtrot to Big Spender (Sweet Charity) 21
  • Apolo & Karina danced the Cha Cha to Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO)  22
  • Gilles & Peta danced the Foxtrot to Call Me Irresponsible (Frank Sinatra) 24
  • Bristol & Mark danced the Cha Cha to Blow Me One Last Kiss (Pink) 19.5
  • Drew & Anna danced the Foxtrot to Love Song (Sara Bareilles) 21.5
  • Kelly & Val danced the Cha Cha to Bang Bang (David Sanborn) 21.5
  • Kirstie & Maks danced the Foxtrot to Set Fire to the Rain (Adele) 19
  • Emmitt & Cheryl danced the Cha Cha to Chain of Fools (Aretha Franklin) 24.5

Favorite Couples:  Emmitt & Cheryl, Gilles & Peta, Kelly & Val, Kirstie & Maks, Shawn & Derek.  The Cha Cha was the perfect dance for Emmitt – he’s the guy other guys wish they danced like.  He’s also the guy that women want to dance with – well, aside from Gilles, that is.  Emmitt is fun, strong & sexy – Gilles is smooth, smoldering & sexy.  Cheryl Burke has danced with both of them – as if we needed proof that life is unfair!

Kelly & Val have great chemistry and I loved their Cha Cha.  Kirstie & Maks are simply one of the most entertaining couples ever – they dance well together but what’s really magical about them is that Maks actually looks like he’s having fun.  Shawn & Derek are definitely a couple to watch – with his talent for choreography and her ability, they may be the couple to beat.

Best New Pairings:  A few of the celebrities were lucky enough to be matched with their previous partners, but most found themselves with someone new.  Along with Shawn & Derek and Kelly & Val, I think Helio & Chelsie may be one of the best new matches, personality-wise.  What do you think?

Judges:  A half-point?  Really?  Whatever.  Over the past few seasons I’ve adopted the habit of muting the judges more often than not and I plan to continue.  That said, I agree that Drew was a bit too rigid – I think he was focusing too much on his neck issue, to be honest.  I also agree about Sabrina.

Other Thoughts:  I’m all for sexy costumes but what about the Cha Cha calls for a see-through costume???

I LOVE Tom Bergeron – not enough to give him a long kiss but maybe enough to pinch his butt.

Who’s Going Home?:  My guess is Pamela.  She’s a better dancer than she showed us last night but I’m not sure that she has the fan-base to make it past a lackluster performance.  I was kind of hoping that Bristol would be the first to go simply because I didn’t think she belonged on the All Star show to begin with but she did surprisingly well – she’s more comfortable on the dance floor than she ever was back in Season 11.  That said, I’ll embrace my inner-meanie and admit that I’m still hoping she leaves the show sooner rather than later.  I feel slightly guilty -whether she could dance before or not, last night she demonstrated that she could step up to the challenge.  The sad fact remains though that the only reason she’s on the show, then and now, is that she’s Sarah Palin’s daughter.  Each election season seems to get uglier and uglier – is it too much to ask that a show about Ballroom Dancing  give us a break from that?

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