Wards of Faerie: the Dark Legacy of Shannara by Terry Brooks

Elfstones.  Created in the time of Faerie, legend has it that there were originally 5 sets of 3, plus the single Black Elfstone.  Each set of stones possessed its own unique color and power;  however, the only set that anyone has actually seen in the last thousand years or so is the set of blue Seeking Stones currently in the care of the Elves of Arborlan.   The Druids of Paranor, self-appointed guardians of all-things magic for the Four Lands, have been seeking the others for some time; the capabilities the stones hold are a mystery but no one doubts that the stones are powerful.  The Druids want to make sure that the stones do not fall into the hands of those who would misuse them, particularly as tensions increase along the borders of the Four Lands.  Just when it seems that the stones are well and truly lost, Aphenglow Ellesedil, a young Elven Druid, uncovers an important clue to their whereabouts.

I love the world of Shannara!  Yes, it’s a bit formulaic – there’s a dangerous quest, and once again, an assortment of Ohmsfords, Leahs and Ellesedils will band together to seek out the magical object in question.  That said, it works.  There’s familiarity because the main families are always involved, but each spinoff series has an entirely new cast of characters – or, almost entirely new.  New characters have new issues to work out and Brooks typically does that very well.  Brooks also does a nice job blending references to people and events from ‘earlier’ Shannara titles into the current story – he doesn’t bog you down with detail but he makes it easy to have a sense of the overall series storyline even if you’re starting at the end.  What I like best about this new series, so far anyway, is the story within a story – a long time ago, an Elven girl fell desperately in love with a Darkling boy, an inhabitant of the Void.  The Romeo & Juliet of their day, it was their relationship that led to the disappearance of the stones.  What happened???  I can’t wait to find out – luckily the second and third book of the trilogy are scheduled to be released next year.

Bloodfire Quest comes out in March 2013 and Witch Wraith comes out in August 2013.


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    […] Quest picks up where Wards of Faerie left off.  The quest to find the missing Elfstones has hit a serious snag — some of quest […]

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