The Third Gate by Lincoln Child

Evidence leads an archaeological team to believe that the deadly, nearly impassable Sudd contains the true tomb of King Narmer – and his legendary double-crown.  A series of unusual occurrences has members of the team wondering if there is a real curse at work.  Professor Jeremy Logan has a background in paranormal studies; he is brought on board to reassure the crew but there’s nothing reassuring in what he discovers .

The Third Gate is a light, enjoyable read.  Child tampers with Egypt’s history a bit so you’ll want to keep that in mind – this isn’t a book where you’re treated to some fascinating facts as well as a good story – it’s all fiction.  The supernatural elements were intriguing but the suspense wasn’t as high as the storyline would suggest.  Child focused most of his talent on developing the “history” and the setting; the characters never really came to life.


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