Rapture by Lauren Kate

What a disappointment. The first book in the series, Fallen, snared me with its gorgeous cover and its intriguing premise. The ending of that book should have made me realize that Kate really didn’t have the story worked out. Torment and Passion added very little to the story and, aside of the insight into Roland and Arriane’s histories, Fallen in Love annoyed me.
Rapture quite simply ticked me off. The promise of an interesting story has always been there but Kate hasn’t delivered since the first book in the series.  Fallen angels living amongst us on earth, star-crossed lovers, a mysterious curse–I wanted to like this series.  Despite the fact that I felt that Kate was just making things up as she went along, without ensuring that they tied into the story as a whole, the premise and a few of the characters wouldn’t let me give up on the series.  Here’s a short list of what ticked me off about this book (believe me, it could have been longer).

Unanswered questions. We still don’t know why the fire started in Fallen, the one that killed Trevor and set Luce on her path to meet Daniel. This is a big deal. My guess is that Kate originally meant the Announcers to be something other than what they were; when she decided it was better to make them useful rather than malevolent, she either forgot that she needed an alternate explanation for Trevor’s death, or she assumed we no longer cared. Wrong.

Flawed mythology. The Fallen are angels who either sided with Lucifer right off the bat or didn’t take a side, right? What makes the Outcasts more lowly than the other undecided angels? Oh, and really, Luce is going to give God conditions for making a decision??? That doesn’t even work with mere mortals–why would it work on a being who can wipe out one’s very existence?

Flawed story. God never says that love is forbidden–so why the hell do Luce and Daniel have to make a decision between God and Lucifer all about them? This is the most annoying flaw of the storyline.

Kate really can’t keep her story straight.

  • Previously in the series, we were given the impression that the Fallen didn’t have the option to return to Heaven, yet in Rapture, we’re given the impression that this happens from time to time.
  • Daniel can’t enter a sanctuary submerged by the ocean but several of the Fallen can enter a sanctuary buried by boulders?
  • God loses her temper before the Roll Call is even finished, so some of the angels didn’t even get a chance to vote? But they worked their way up the list–or down, I don’t remember? If they were working their way down from the highest, Luce was only third in line (yes she’s an archangel) and she didn’t vote so God must have lost her temper right after Gabbe, sending most of the angelic host earthward–but that couldn’t have been the order because Daniel was sixth on the list, I think, and we know what he said. If for some reason, God was working her way up from the lowest to the highest–which doesn’t seem likely given that the rank seems to be the heavenly way–and Daniel cast his non-vote, angering God, then a handful of archangels would have been kicked out without voting–yet Daniel acts as if several angels were affected. None of this makes sense.

Where did that come from? Luce was initially attracted to Cam in Fallen, then she hated him for the filler books, and now suddenly she cares about him? And Lucifer was her first love? WTH? I mean, I got the Luce/Lucifer love connection right away when I started reading Rapture but shouldn’t there have been some buildup from the beginning of the series? Instead Kate set it up to look like Cam may have been Luce’s first love. There’s misdirection and then there’s just poor plotting.  I suspect that Kate originally meant for Cam to be Lucifer but maybe not.  Either way, I wish that she had sprinkled more clues about Luce’s relationships with both characters throughout the series.

That’s predictable. It was pretty easy to see where Kate was going in Rapture. Luce is really an archangel, she was in love with Lucifer before Daniel etc. The only surprise in the book was that there was no big battle between the Fallen and Lucifer–just a lame conversation between Luce and Lucifer and a ridiculous scene featuring God, Luce, Daniel and Lucifer.

That’s convenient. Despite the fact that he’s an angel and a historian, Daniel’s memory can’t be trusted. I actually bought the bit about the trauma of the Fall but I simply don’t accept the rest of the conveniently forgotten history.

Luce loves Lucifer, Luce loves Daniel, Luce loves??? Don’t just tell me that Luce loved Lucifer until he got a bit full of himself, then she spotted Daniel and fell in love with him–make me believe it. As it reads now, Luce seems to fall in love based on appearances only–Kate spends a lot of time telling us that Luce and Daniel are in love with each other but the only thing we actually see is them looking into each other’s eyes, kissing, and declaring their love for each other.  Is their love based on anything other than physical attraction?  They’ve never had much time together in any lifetime to figure that out.

Luce and Daniel are the two most self-absorbed, selfish protagonists EVER. Again, God never said that they couldn’t love one another so I don’t understand why a choice between God and Lucifer was answered with “we choose each other”.  What I see here are two smug individuals, so caught up in their newly discovered “love” for each other that they want to make sure everyone knows how in love they are.  Aside of Lucifer, I doubt that anyone cared.  I would have liked God to say something like, “Well, that’s just fine and dandy that you love each other but that wasn’t the question.  The question was Do you want to stay in heaven–under my protection, by the way,–or do you want to make camp with Lucifer?   Who looks like he’s about to curse you, by the way?  Even assuming God had forced the issue, shouldn’t Luce be concerned for her family and friends?  They will simply lose her.  For their choice, Luce and Daniel will die now and be reincarnated later as mortals.  God makes no promises that they will ever find each other again, and, as they’ve never spent much time together in any lifetime, who really knows if their love will last once there’s no curse to ramp up the excitement.


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  1. 1

    Liezel said,

    I got in the Fallen bandwagon a bit late. Just read all the books this week. And totally agree with your views. The books were a bit disappointing and frustrated me for the reasons you set out. The end was also totally pointless for me. She spends all this time figuring out who she is and that she’s an angel to lose all of that just as she figures everything out. Sort of defeats the journey taken through all the other books. Bad plot if you ask me

  2. 2

    THE CAYster said,

    lol totally true i killed and soiled myself reading this book haha…
    I actually couldn’t stop making snide remarks everytime i turned a page, cause their ‘romance’ is just too perfect and skin deep to be real….

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