Remembering Petey

I lost my rabbit to illness about 3 1/2 years ago; I have many fond memories of this sweet little bunny.  The house you see pictured above was one of his favorite things ever.  Sadie-cat never showed any interest in it so I put it in my storage closet for awhile in order to make room for all of her stuff.   The house is big though and my storage closet is small.  Cramped for space as I am, the thought of getting rid of it was simply too much – aside of photos, it’s all that I have left of him.

Last year, one of my coworkers adopted a rabbit; she stopped by frequently to share stories about the funny things her bunny did.  After some extensive soul-searching, I decided to offer her Petey’s house – why should it sit unused when another rabbit could enjoy it?  It was a difficult decision but once it was made, I felt better.  It made my heart happy when she told me how much her rabbit enjoyed the house.

A lot can happen in a year – she decided that she could no longer keep her rabbit and gave it to the shelter.  Petey’s house is now sitting in my office at work and once again I feel torn.  It has been nice to see the house again – it brought back a flood of happy memories.  Should I keep it this time?  I still don’t have room for it but what’s a little clutter compared to happy memories?  Or should I offer it to a friend with rabbits?  Not only does she have her own rabbits but she also fosters other rabbits waiting for forever homes.  If I give the house to her, it can delight many more bunnies and maybe that’s the best way to keep Petey’s memory . . .


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    Keep it!!! :)) you put it best “what’s a little clutter compared to happy memories”

  2. 2

    Delia said,

    Keep it. And ask around. Maybe you know someone buying a house with some space to store it. If not, I bet I can find space in our garage.

  3. 3

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    Thanks for the support! It was a tough decision but my heart told me that I wanted other bunnies to be able to enjoy the house. Kristin’s buns were happy little campers when she introduced them to their snazzy little abode and that removed any doubt I had about my decision. In addition to my photos of Petey enjoying his house, now I have photos of her rabbits loving the house!

  4. 4

    […] little over a month ago, I was struggling with the decision of whether I should keep my rabbit’s beloved house or whether I should give it to a friend […]

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