This Means War: FDR or Tuck?

I laughed out loud for the first half of this movie – I loved the friendships between Lauren & Trish and FDR & Tuck.  I was vastly entertained by the various ways FDR and Tuck spied on one another and tried to sabotage each other’s chances with Lauren, although, in the real world, their actions would be completely creepy.

As much as I enjoyed the movie, there were a few holes in the plot that bugged me:

  • Would two lifelong friends really risk their friendship over a girl they just met?  Really?
  • Would two spies really try to plant bugs in the house while the girl is home and dancing from room to room?
  • How could FDR not have known what did or didn’t happen between Tuck and Lauren – sure, he lost video but he still had audio – or do I need to watch that scene again?  It’s a love scene with Tom Hardy – I’ll watch it again if I have to.  And again.
  • What girl is still super-friendly with the guy she gave everything up for only to discover him in bed with someone else?

All in all, I thought it was a fun film.  While watching it though, the question arises – who would you choose, FDR or Tuck?  For me, there is no question – Tuck.  He’s down-to-earth, he’s romantic, and, aside of the car scene, I don’t think he tried to pretend to share interests with Lauren – it seemed like he chose dates that he enjoyed as well.  FDR, on the other hand, is a player and likes to show off his connections – he also pretends to like the same art that she does, and adopts a dog that he wouldn’t have otherwise.  He does have a couple of moments with Lauren though, real moments, that make him a valid contender.


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    Melissa said,

    So yes, in reality, I would choose Tuck, butt I love redeeming the bad boys and I really enjoy Chris Pine, so FDR got my vote. As for the actual storyline, obviously FDR had to win the girl cause Tuck had to win his family.

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