DWtS Season 14 Finals


  • William & Cheryl danced the Cha Cha to Raise Your Glass (Pink)  30
  • Katherine & Mark danced the Paso Doble to España Cañí (Erich Kunzel) 30
  • Donald & Peta danced the Argentine Tango to They (Jem) 29
  • William & Cheryl danced Freestyle to Objection (Shakira) 29
  • Katherine & Mark danced Freestyle to Sing, Sing, Sing (Benny Goodman) 30
  • Donald & Peta danced Freestyle to I Play Chicken with the Train (Cowboy Troy)  30

Favorite Couples:  Technically, Katherine probably had the best night.  That said,  I most enjoyed William and Donald’s performances tonight.  I like the Cha Cha and Argentine Tango better than the Paso and I’m not all that keen on Swing.

I agree and disagree with Len about William’s Freestyle – it was a combination of  Salsa and Tango and William performed it well – it certainly worked for me!  That said, we already knew that William can sell any Latin routine and while it was a fusion of different dances, I don’t think there was a new type of dance in the routine.  Katherine’s routine looked like it had at least 4 different styles of dance included (Jive, Quickstep, Lindy Hop and Tap), 2 of which she hasn’t danced before.  Donald’s routine was completely different and reminiscent of Cheryl & Drew’s winning Freestyle to Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.

Even though Katherine is the stronger dancer and I think she should win, Donald may be the one to  take the Mirror Ball trophy home.  Or, William’s fans might just give it to him.

Looking forward to the last dances tonight!

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