Once Upon a Time: An Apple Red as Blood

Apparently Emma’s continued presence in Storybrooke is enough to weaken the curse, regardless of Emma’s lack of belief in said-curse and lack of action towards ending it.  Gold is making travel plans, to search for Bae, no doubt.  Surprisingly, Regina doesn’t play the Belle’s-alive-and-I’ve-got-her card – at least not yet.  Instead she calls upon the Mad Hatter for help – ????  Okay, did I guess wrong when I thought he fell into his hat and transported back to his old hat shop in FairyTale land?  At the end of that episode, didn’t we see him looking like his wild FairyTale land self instead of his dapper Storybrooke self?  Did he fall through to FairyTale land and manage to find his way back on his own?  Or maybe, fearing another kick from Mary Margaret, did he simply run away and hide in the woods until the coast was clear?  Whatever the explanation, I hope it’s not as lame as that.

I’m going to ignore most of what happened in FairyTale Land – I mean, if pixie dust is that lethal, why not lead off with that attack?  I like a good Snow-kicks-butt scene as much as the next person but it has to make sense.  Regina’s quip about not wanting tongue-marks on her mirror almost made up for the lame assault on the castle.  Almost.

Regina’s revelation that she didn’t originally tell Snow about Daniel’s death because she wanted to spare Snow’s feelings was noteworthy.  Regina didn’t hate Snow, at least not immediately.  C’mon writers, stop playing around with filler material and show us Regina’s transition into The Evil Queen.  Make us believe.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina’s need for revenge/power/winning has already led her to rip out her own father’s heart; while it was tragic to see her sacrifice Daniel’s ring, it wasn’t a surprise.  Apparently she missed Charlie Sheen’s “winning” meltdown.  For someone who has trouble trusting people, Emma is naive beyond belief – even if she didn’t suspect Regina of being a sociopath, why on earth would she consider eating anything made by someone she’s been fighting ever since she came to town?  Okay, her visit to Regina’s was unplanned and the turnover just came from the oven but still – apparently, Emma’s unfamiliar with Hannibal Lecter.  Aside of the fact that the conversation had to come about somehow, why did Henry’s attention zero in on the turnover?  Maybe Regina makes them often since I didn’t notice any special Evil Queen insignia tupperware.

Now that Henry’s fallen, will Emma believe?  Will the writers make me believe?  Will Gold resist the urge to kill Emma in order to end the curse?  He wants the curse broken and Regina did surprise him by nearly incapacitating Emma; will he be willing to risk that Regina might just succeed in her next attempt?

I like stories that keep me guessing – and I don’t mind if my guesses prove incorrect as long as everything makes sense.  My fear for this show is that the writers are going to string us along, offer the occasional quick explanation, and string us along again.  String me along if you will writers, but make those explanations worth the wait.


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    marcy ogle said,

    I couldn’t agree with you more, I really want the ” string along ” to be worth it. What I don’t want is what I felt like happened on the show “Lost “….I do not want the plot to get so crazy and so many story lines it becomes confusing and complicated. I did like the fact that Henry took the turnover and ate it to prove to Emma (geesh, how dense can one be?) The curse is real. I personally wouldn’t take a crumb from Miss Regina.( another “HUH?” Moment) 🙂

  2. 2

    marcy ogle said,

    Ps I have a little crush on Jefferson. I would so do him if I was single and lived in storybrooke!

  3. 4

    anneelliot said,

    I thought the most interesting aspect of this episode happened right at the beginning: that Regina is having nightmares about everyone figuring it out and taking her down, especially Henry. That’s a new one for fairy tale villains.

    I was equally confused about Jefferson’s appearance and apparent lack of travel. As well as the misplaced use of fairy air squadrons. I think the idea was that Regina had magicked the soldiers to be unkillable, so it seemed like a no-brainer fight until they reanimated. That’s when the fairies came in to unmagick them, or something. Still poorly done. Also, not impressed by Emma standing by screaming Henry’s name over and over when he’s fallen. I don’t know about you, but I run to check on a person who collapses, especially a child or anyone I care for.

    I can, at least, offer some explanation for the turnover. It may not be what they intended, but it’s my take on it. The episode was geared toward convincing Emma that all Regina had ever done was in defense of keeping her child, no matter how vindictive. Emma does point out to Henry that with her leaving there was no longer a reason for Regina to be after her. In the real world, people don’t typically poison their archnemesis when the nemesis is getting out of Dodge. As viewers we take certain things for granted, such as in a zombie movie: “Can’t you see they look like they’re infected with something terrible?!?”. I know from personal experience that we ignore these sorts of things in our everyday life. (I actually had a customer who looked like she might be the beginning of a zombie outbreak, and I thought: this is the point in the movie I’m usually screaming that very thing, but you can’t refuse service because ‘I’m sorry, you look like you’re about to become a zombie.’. Managers frown on that.) So it’s rational to point out that Emma is one of those people who don’t believe Evil Queens are out there poisoning people with turnovers. Also, Henry is likely to have recognized it because, I suspect, there is a small truth in what Regina said about her turnovers being famous. If she can whip that thing up without a recipe or flaw, she’s likely made it many times before, and Henry would have seen it a least once, thereby allowing him to guess accurately at the turnover’s origin.

    Hope that helps.

    • 5

      lightheartedlibrarian said,

      The nightmare was excellent! When it was shown in the previews, I’d wondered how the writers were going to move the show along so quickly – I’m kind of mad at myself that I didn’t guess it was a nightmare.

      Ah – I like your interpretation of the fight scene. Makes sense.

      “I’m sorry, you look like you’re about to become a zombie” – love it!!! I can understand her not thinking the turnover was poisoned – maybe she’s just a better person than I am but I just wouldn’t have any interest in eating anything given to me by someone I didn’t like.

      Glad you’re still watching!

      • 6

        anneelliot said,

        I’d wondered the same thing: wow, that’s a fast turn around for Emma and co. Glad it was the nightmare instead.

        As for the turnover, I think the issue is that the writers weren’t looking to make it believable that Emma would eat it, because it intention was to set up Henry to. Emma was never going to eat it. I saw the gimmick coming a long way off. The moment Regina put that thing in Tupperware, I said aloud: I would never let something like that out of my sight, there’s no telling who’ll eat it. Personally, no, I’d probably have left the turnover in the fridge and forgotten about it. Even if I had no issue with eating Regina’s work, the thing was huge, I would have shared. So I sensed they were angling to screw her over and the thing that would upset her most was Henry. So no, it makes no sense that it was sitting on a plate on the counter, but the writers put it there for Henry.

        Wow, I talk too much, ha!

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