DWtS Season 14 Week 7: Classical Night


  • Katherine & Mark danced the Rumba to Canon in D Major (Pachelbel)  27
  • Melissa & Maks danced the Argentine Tango to Marriage of Figaro (Mozart)  21
  • William & Cheryl danced the Viennese Waltz to Ave Maria (Schubert)  27
  • Roshon & Chelsie danced the Argentine Tango to Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)  25
  • Donald & Peeta danced the Viennese Waltz to La Donna e Mobile (Verdi)  27
  • Maria & Derek danced the Paso Doble to Montagues and Capulets (Prokofiev)  30
  • Jaleel & Kym danced the Viennese Waltz to Did I Make the Most of Loving You? (Leaverland)  24

Team Tango (Katherine & Mark, Maria & Derek, Jaleel & Kym, Roshon & Chelsie) danced to Toccata from Symphony No. 5 (Widor)  27

Team Paso (William & Cheryl, Donald & Peta, Melissa & Maks) danced to O Fortuna (Orff)  26

Favorite Couples:  Although I love classical music, I’m not fond of Classical Night; I think classical music works best with the waltzes and less well with the Rumba and Argentine Tango.  If everyone were dancing waltzes, it would be dreamy, but that’s not the way the show is set up.

I was surprised by Maria’s fangs but the vampire bit worked well for Maria & Derek’s Paso – loved it!  I also loved William & Cheryl’s Viennese Waltz.  Katherine & Mark’s Rumba was lovely but it just didn’t have the same impact on me that I think it would have with different music.  Roshon & Chelsie were lucky enough to score Bad Romance which surprised me on Classical Night – loved it – I think.  Why did the DWtS logo appear during their performance?  Was there a wardrobe malfunction or did someone goose the cameraman?

I did like Jaleel & Kym’s Viennese Waltz – I agree with the judges about his arms but the storytelling was lovely.

Who’s Going Home?:  Melissa?  She has improved a great deal but she’s still the weakest dancer by far.  According to wikipedia though, the results are already in and Roshon is going home.  ???  Okay, I can see Roshon in the bottom two – I don’t think he should be there but he’s been there before and it’s clear that he just doesn’t have the fans.  What I can’t see is a Dance Duel between Melissa and Roshon with Melissa the winner; yet, according to wikipedia, Bruno will be the only judge to vote for Roshon.  What really annoys me is that it seems obvious that the decision has been made before the Duel even takes place – in which case, why put the celebrities through the torture of learning a new dance in one day???  I don’t know who provides the info to wikipedia – maybe it’s someone who’s just guessing the way things will go but I’m guessing it is inside information.  I only checked the wikipedia article because the recap hadn’t been posted on the official DWtS site yet and I wanted to double-check the song information.  Imagine my surprise to find the results for week 7 already listed . . . .

Other Thoughts:  Loved Kym’s dress!  Hated Katherine & Mark’s outfits and that super-fake braid.  Hated Melissa’s outfit.

Why is Carrie Ann so obsessed with accidental lifts?  Does she mark someone down a point every single time they miss a step?  Not possible – so what’s the big deal about someone’s foot accidentally leaving the floor?  A mistake is a mistake.

Loved Tristan and Karina’s dance!!!  I didn’t care for her transparent dress but the routine was lovely!

Other Reviewers Thoughts:  Louis Van Amstel, Crystal Bell, NY Daily News


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  1. 1

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    I should have printed out the wikipedia article – interesting to note that the info has disappeared . . .

  2. 2

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    May the wikipedia author was just guessing then, since the bottom two turned out to be Roshon and Jaleel . . .

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