DWtS Season 14 Week 5: Latin Week

Pro Performances:

  • DWtS dance troupe danced to Evil Ways by Santana
  • Louis & Anna danced to Maria, Maria by Santana


  • Jaleel & Kym danced the Samba to Rhythm is Gonna Get You (Gloria Estefan)  24
  • Melissa & Maks danced the Salsa to Aquanile (Marc Anthony)  21
  • Maria & Derek danced the Salsa to The Cup of Life (Ricky Martin)  27
  • Katherine & Mark danced the Argentine Tango to Tanguedia III (Astor Piazzolla)  29
  • Gavin & Karina danced the Samba to Sweetheart from Venezuela (Harry Belafonte)  19
  • William & Cheryl danced the Argentine Tango to Buttons (Pussycat Dolls)  29
  • Gladys & Tristan danced the Samba to Fiebre (La Lupe)  22
  • Roshon & Chelsie danced the Salsa to Bumpy Ride (Mohombi)  26
  • Donald & Peta danced the Argentine Tango to Sin Rumbo (Otros Aires) 27

Favorite Couples:  Wow – love Latin Night!  Loved Maria & Derek’s Salsa, Katherine & Mark’s Argentine Tango, William & Cheryl’s Argentine Tango, Roshon & Chelsie’s Salsa and Donald & Peta’s Argentine Tango.  I agree with the judges – Maria and Derek need to stop kissing but it was a fun routine to watch.  Katherine & Mark’s routine was gorgeous – why no 10, Len?  William & Cheryl and Donald & Peta’s routines were hot (love Sin Rumbo!).

Who’s Going Home?:  Gavin or Gladys?  Melissa?  My guess is Gavin but who knows?  I was surprised to see Roshon and Sherri in the bottom two last week, especially Roshon.

Other Thoughts:  Even though Len didn’t comment on it tonight, I have to say that I usually hate it when the choreography begins with props.  Exceptions tonight were Roshon & Chelsie’s Salsa, William & Cheryl’s and Donald & Peta’s Argentine Tangos.

I like Gladys but I think the judges were too kind with their scores.  I would have liked them to be kinder to Gavin with their comments but he chose to laugh with them and I respect that.

I’m still following Louis Van Amstel’s and Crystal Bell’s blogs but I’ve now added the NY Daily News experts to my list.

Sorry I didn’t post last week – I had to catch the show later as I spent Monday night at the vet with a very sick Sadie-cat.  If you’re looking for the Dances Music Scores for Week 4, click here.


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  1. 1

    Marcy Ogle said,

    I think Gladys has to go. They are wayyy to nice with their comments and scores. I think Gavin wants it really bad, but, I am not sure he is partnered with the right person. Maks and Melissa. ….I am very dissapointed in her. Not the fact that she can’t dance too well, but I just think she’s got a tude’. AND the chemistry with Maks is about exciting as a wet dish rag. 🙂

    • 2

      lightheartedlibrarian said,

      I think Gavin’s just planning to enjoy whatever time he has on the show and that’s not necessarily a bad thing – he’s giving it his best but I think he’s already counted himself out of the running. I agree – Karina isn’t the best partner for him. Maybe Kym or Lacey?

      I thought that I would like Melissa and Maks but instead I find them painful to watch.

  2. 3

    anneelliot said,

    I’ve watched the show the past couple of seasons because my grandmother watches it, and I have to say I was pretty impressed on Latin night. Especially with William and Cheryl. I have never thought a dance on the show was extraordinarily sexy until their tango! So hot! Was also impressed with Katherine and Mark’s gorgeous routine, very creative and perfectly executed. Also stunned by how 100% Cuban Roshon was through out that whole dance! If I hadn’t known anything about him befor seeing that, I would’ve been easily swayed about his ethnicity. All in all, enjoyable performances.

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