Once Upon a Time: Snow White Betrays Regina

I’m happy that we finally know what Snow White did to earn Regina’s everlasting hatred; that said, I’m not sure that I really buy it.  Yes, Snow did betray Regina’s secret but she thought she was helping Regina and Regina should have been able to recognize that.  Snow was just a kid who could not comprehend that anyone’s mom could ever do anything harmful to their child.  If Regina truly felt this betrayal warranted revenge, why didn’t she just tell Snow what really happened?  That would have been a horrible thing for Snow to live with.  Was Regina so twisted by the experience that she wanted to lull Snow into a false sense of security before wreaking havoc with her life?

Why didn’t Regina and Daniel run away immediately after Snow spotted them kissing in the stables?  Trusting a child with such a big secret was risky, particularly a child just recently met.  It seems as if they lingered for a bit – I doubt that Cora would feel comfortable using her magic in front of Leopold before his marriage to Regina was a done deal and it would have taken seamstresses some time to create that gorgeous gown.

I also don’t understand why Regina didn’t run away after Mommie Dearest aka Cora crushed Daniel’s heart.  Maybe Regina planned to teach her mother the lesson of  “be careful what you wish for”?  I’m guessing Cora will pay dearly for killing Daniel – or, if that plan falls through, she’ll become the Queen of Hearts.

Back in Storybrooke, things are finally falling into place.  Emma knows that Sidney can’t be trusted and Kathryn’s alive!!!  We know that it was Gold’s idea to set up Mary Margaret but who actually did what?  The shovel implies that Regina planted the evidence but I can’t really see her keeping Kathryn alive.  My guess is that Gold told Regina he would do the dirty work; for his  true plan to work, however,  he needed to be sure that Kathryn stayed alive.  Did he pull a huntsman on Regina and place a stag’s heart in the jewelry chest?

What’s the deal with August aka Motorcycle Man and the river/Troll Bridge – why did he start limping?  Does it have something to do with water being “magical”?  He seemed to be a fan of water when he introduced Emma to the Wishing Well but something clearly affected him when they got to the river.

Is it Kathryn’s turn to have amnesia?  I’m guessing yes.

Why did Ruby sound so horrified when she found Kathryn?  Did she think Kathryn was a zombie or something? I can understand a startled scream – everyone thought Kathryn was dead, after all – but this was bloodcurdling.

All in all, a much better episode than we’ve seen lately.  Although the Snow-ratted-Regina-out-to-Cora storyline didn’t quite work for me, I can accept it and move on.  It was nice to see a pre-evil Regina and it’s sad to think that she and Snow might have had a very different relationship. By the way, Bailee Madison was excellent as younger version of Ginnifer Goodwin’s Snow White.

Can’t wait for the episode that appears to pit August against Gold . . . .


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  1. 1

    bjanana said,

    I’m new to this blog and enjoyed this post! I felt the same after watching this episode. It just didn’t seem to add up…Why would Regina have that much resentment for Snow give the fact that she was just a kid, and had the best intentions in telling Regina’s mother? I think the writers on the show are short-cutting everything.

  2. 2

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    Thanks! I agree – the show was off to a strong start and then things began to fall apart. Hopefully the episode with August and Gold will get everything back on track.

  3. 3

    Marcy Ogle said,

    Hey Bec– I was out of town and just saw my taped episode. I have to agree with all of your statements except one. I felt very cheated by this episode, therefore, did not think it was all that great. I mean, first Daniel was kinda of a wuss standing behind Regina in the barn. Then, the whole ” why in the world didn’t they leave sooner?” then there is the unreal Regina-all-of -a-sudden-turns-evil? WTH? If that was my Mother, I would have still left….. after all she JUST killed the one she loved!!!!! I think bjanna is right, they sort of short cutted this show. Although, finding Katherine alive at the end was interesting!

    • 4

      lightheartedlibrarian said,

      Yes, the instantaneous switch to evil was hard to accept. I’m with you–I would have run away rather than give Cora what she wanted. I suspect that Regina will make Cora pay for killing Daniel but I still don’t understand the resentment towards Snow. So glad Kathryn is alive!

  4. 5

    anneelliot said,

    I also agree with the hard-to-believe three-second decision to spend the next ten years trying to ruin Snow’s life. The rest of it can be explained away, albeit sometimes thinly.

    With Regina’s naïveté as a youth, it’s easy to explain that they delayed departure because there’s always going to be a better time than now. And fear. I strongly believe fear and revenge are what drive Regina to stay. First fear, because Regina is terrified of her mother’s power (demonstrated with the whole horse debacle) and then revenge when she realizes how far her mother went to manipulate her life.

    Also, there may be some clues to the possible relationship between Regina and the Queen of Hearts being her mother. First, I got a distinctly Alice vibe from Regina when she and Daniel were on the hill and she talked about a ‘lady never missing her tea time’ while wearing a pale blue dress-like coat. Secondly, writers love poetic connections. It’s possible that Regina will decapitate her mother in revenge, which will cause her mother (surviving somehow through her magic?) to be obsessed with collecting heads and Regina to be obsessed with collecting hearts just as her mother did with Daniel.

    Also, as for your question about Ruby’s bloodcurdling scream, it’s not hard to imagine that she probably thought she’d found a body. Katherine was prone on the ground until Emma raced up, after all. Things like this don’t happen in Storybrooke, it would’ve been her first unmoving body. (We city folk who like watching tv are rather immunized). Thin, I know, but more plausible than a sweet Regina turning evil enough to murder her own father over a child’s folly.

    I think this episode proves Gold can manipulate the boundaries of the spell, but Regina has no idea. She would never have fallen for Gold’s ‘you know what happens when people leave’ bit if she did or have wanted Snow to run off into it if she thought there was any chance she’d live or return. I loved Gold’s humor when he told Emma he’d work some magic. It’s just like him to be completely honest because he knows she won’t take it seriously.

    Whew! That enough for ya? Haha.

  5. 6

    anneelliot said,

    PS – that girl was AMAZING at mimicking Goodwin’s mannerisms and speech patterns!

  6. 7

    Melissa said,

    I absolutely agree with your review, except I do feel a bit disappointed with the reason for Regina’s hatred of Snow. I mean, she cursed all those people to Storybrooke in order to deny Snow happiness. Though I didn’t buy the explanation, the story finally moved.

    The scene at the jail when Regina reveals her hatred of Mary Marguerite was great. That scene along with last weeks episode, brings me hope that MM might begin channeling more of Snow. And finally Emma gaining the upperhand with Regina along with Kathryn’s appearance, it looks like Regina might get some well deserved comeuppance.

  7. 8

    charlied said,

    Kathryn came back because of the drink from the wishing well :). I don’t quite understand the connection with the troll bridge yet but August Wayne Booth is Pinocchio!

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