November Hunt by Jess Lourey

November in Battle Lake, Minnesota is extremely cold – so cold that even Richard Simmons would bundle himself in several layers of clothing.  It’s not exactly the best time of year to snoop around for clues but Mira James has no choice; Tom Kicker was killed in a hunting accident and his daughter believes there was nothing accidental about it.  Mira’s investigation leads back to an incident that happened years ago when Tom was just a teen and it’s making more than one prominent citizen uncomfortable.

Great mystery!  I did suspect the correct people although I didn’t make the connections on the why until Mira spelled it out for me.  In fairness to me, I was a bit distracted by those pills Kennie coaxed Mira into buying – there was just so much wrong with this storyline.  It was funny but knowing what kind of schemes Kennie gets into, why on earth would Mira buy pills from her, especially after catching a whiff of Kennie’s breath?  Do people generally think taking multiple pills of the same supplement at once is a good thing?

Mrs. Berns cracks me up – love her!  I’m not sure how I feel about Gary Wohnt – he was so creepy in the first couple books that it’s hard for me to see him as a potential love interest for Mira now.

Looking forward to the December title!


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