Once Upon a Time: Snow White decides to kill the Queen

Interventions aren’t just for us regular folks:  apparently they are all the rage for the residents of the Enchanted Forest as well.  After feeling let down the past couple of episodes, I didn’t quite know how to react when the Dwarves called on Jiminy Cricket to help them get through to Snow White.  I still don’t know how to react – I mean, it was hard not to snicker when it was revealed that Snow’s behavior had even Happy’s underwear in a bunch, but I’m conflicted about this choice.  I like humor and it was funny but it felt misplaced to me – maybe because I was still trying to get my head around the fact that Snow had just attempted to bludgeon the feathers out of a sweet little bluebird.

Moving on.  I was happy to see more Rumpelstiltkin/Gold appearances this episode.  I did suspect that when Rumpel asked for Charming’s cloak, what he really wanted was a stray hair or two but I didn’t know why – I just knew that he’d wanted Snow White’s so it seemed likely that he wanted Charming’s as well.  When Rumpel began to mix the hairs from Charming and Snow White, my first thought was that he was already brewing his curse – including the built-in curse-destruct feature.  Turns out he was just trying to bottle True Love but I suspect those contents will become ingredients for the curse.

I’m still a little confused about the return of Snow White’s memory.  I’m not sure exactly how Charming’s willingness to die for her reminded her of who she is – I think it’s more telling of his love for her.  I don’t think that someone loving you enough to die for you is automatic proof that you must be a lovable, good person; after all, the genie was willing to die for Regina.  I’ll accept it though because Angry Snow White is totally scary – I considered many different names for this post including Snow White Decides to Kick Some Ass.  I’m just glad Sweet Snow White is back – and so are the bluebirds, I’ll wager.

Back to Storybrooke.  I’m still hoping that Kathryn is alive somewhere, that Regina decided it was more prudent to lock her up, simply because she never knows when she’ll need a hostage.  I realize I might be a little too optimistic in hoping Kathryn’s still around but let’s remember that Regina chose to keep Belle alive rather than kill her and, because Rumpel is who is he is, she probably put just as much effort into that faked death as she has framing Mary Margaret.  Another possibility that I really like is that Gold has Kathryn.  As creator of the curse, it seems likely that some little alarm bells alert him to the attempted departure by one of the residents – wouldn’t it be awesome if Regina thought things were going according to plan and then Gold paraded Kathryn in, in front of everyone?

One thing that intrigued me this episode:  both Regina and Rumpelstiltskin state that evil is made not born.  Nice to know that they’re both on the Nurture side of the Nature vs. Nurture debate.

Things that made me happy this episode:  Motorcycle Man aka August Wayne Booth encouraged Henry to read his book again;  Henry found the Regina’s keys; Henry convinced Emma to try one more key before giving up; David remembered an important phone conversation with Kathryn.

Things that stressed me out but that I suspect will play out for the “best”:  David not catching onto the fact that girl in his memory had long hair and wore a non-Mary Margaret outfit; Mary Margaret breaking out of jail.  As the show centers around Snow White and The Evil Queen, it’s inevitable that Snow’s happy ending will come last so I understand that something has to keep David and Mary Margaret apart for awhile.  In fairness to Mary Margaret, he did suspect himself as well and he hasn’t shared that part of his memory with anyone else.  As far as the jailbreak goes, it makes Emma look bad and Mary Margaret look guilty but if she uses the time to find Kathryn, it might be worth it.  We shall see . . . .


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  1. 1

    marcy ogle said,

    I was a little confused about the Dr. “A.K.A” Jimminy Cricket was dead. I thought he died in the mine saving Henry? No? Yes?

  2. 3

    anneelliot said,

    I was pretty off-put by Snow’s issues in this episode. Snow was not an asshole before she fell in love. It makes no sense why she would be after forgetting her heartbreak and who caused it. This only exacerbated my feelings of being so damn tired of the Storybrooke versions of she and Charming. At this point, they aren’t the same people at all, which was what I expected them to be. I figured that they’re the same people in a different setting, but they act nothing like the smarter originals.

    I was pretty proud of Henry this episode, as you noted, but the rampant stupidity in Storybrooke overshadows it.

    I wonder where the idea that Gold has any idea people leave comes from? You didn’t explain that. Also, I don’t think there’s any proof Regina would keep Kathryn alive. It servs hr so much better for her to be dead. Besides, can’t get DNA confirmation from heart tissue that isn’t hers, and I don’t know if a heart in anyone’s hands but Regina can allow the person to continue living as with persons like Graham. Don’t even knowif she had Kathrine’s heart to begin its, seeing as how she didn’t have it in the Enchanted Forest.

    This episode rally just complicates things more and satisfies nothing. On to the Hatter!

  3. 4

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    Totally agree about Angry Snow White – I’ve tried to look at it as “all magic has consequences” but it still seems off. As far as Gold, I’m just guessing that the magic that created Storybrooke somehow alerts him and Regina when someone tries to leave but it’s just a guess. Since the curse is designed to keep people contained, it seems plausible that there’s some magical alarm-system in place.

    The DNA situation is a bit trickier but I have every confidence that either Regina or Gold could manipulate those results – or, at least the people presenting those results.

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