Once Upon a Time: Red Riding Hood

I’ve been looking forward to this story but unlike the Beauty and the Beast episode, this one didn’t really hook me until the end.  Why?  In my mind, Snow White and Red were smart characters and it seemed unrealistic that either of them would think it was a good idea to go looking for the wolf on their own.  I still have trouble with this premise.  I was also leery of Red’s plan to live happily ever after with the Big Bad Wolf – though not for the reasons I should have been.

And then it all fell into place:  Red is the Big Bad Wolf.  Love this twist!  Snow’s previous comments from a few episodes back that she knew Red’s secret, Granny’s insistence on the red cloak, Granny’s determination to keep Red sequestered – it all came together.  I thought Granny’s reasoning for the red cloak was odd as the color red usually infuriates dangerous animals but I let that clue slip right by because I thought Granny was a little nuts.  Silly me!  As much as I like figuring things out though, I like being surprised and I was happy that the writers were able to spring this twist on me.  One quibble though:  shouldn’t there have been more than one set of prints?  Peter did come to Red’s window, Red apparently left through her window, and returned through her window.  Was there a major snowfall overnight and if so, why weren’t the bodies covered?  The tracks looked deep.  Even if the Big Bad Wolf part of her was cunning enough to deliberately use someone else’s tracks, the different directions should have created some wonky prints.  Also, the bootprints seem problematic – most women’s feet are smaller than men’s so it seems like Red’s return prints would have seemed improbable for a guy but I can let that slide – maybe the snow had melted a bit making the prints look larger, maybe Peter was such an obvious answer that they didn’t pay attention to the size of the prints.  As far as why Red could go from nicely dressed & booted gal to big furry wolf and back, I guess I’ll just chalk that up to her wolfy-side being some sort of magical curse that doesn’t mind her tearing villagers apart as long as she doesn’t wake up naked.

Still wondering who Dr. Whale is and what role Motorcycle Man will play, still annoyed that Regina seems to have the upper hand all of the time . . . .

P.S.  Did anyone else hate the scarf Snow White was wearing to disguise herself during the town meeting?  I thought it drew more attention to her because it looked so silly.  Then again, this is clearly the beginning of Snow’s time on her own – she’s just beginning to learn how to survive with a price on her head.


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    marcy ogle said,

    To me, it made perfect sense…she looks (in present time) like a ” man eater” Lol…chew on that!

  2. 3

    anneelliot said,

    I have always wondered why Red has never been depicted as the BBW, and always thought she should be at least once, so I was stunned and amazed that they actually did I with this one. But, admittedly, it was just about the only thing in the story that I cared for. It was lack luster, fluffy-headed, and jumbled, a if the whole thing was only half thought out. Making me wonder if they weren’t sure how they wanted to do it right up until they filmed (which would explain, perhaps, why it took so long for them to do this episode). And, honestly, I have no idea where it’s all going, it seems to float in space with no real contribution to the story. The “me and granny are cool now” happy ending substitution felt lacking, although one can argue that after being treated like a child prisoner, that being trusted to be responsible in Storybrooke is a dream come true.

    I don’t know, I’ve just been disappointed by OUaT ever since the Sidney episode. Gold being the exception to the rule, of course.

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