Once Upon a Time: Beauty and Rumpelstiltskin

Loved the spin on the Beauty and the Beast story with Rumpelstiltskin as the Beast!!!  Rumpelstiltskin tossed Belle into a dungeon on her first night in his castle so the telling of their tale should have been a tough sell in less than an hour.  Maybe it was just the chemistry between Carlyle and de Ravin, maybe it was just my overactive imagination eagerly filling in the blanks between the scenes, but I was totally sold on the development of their feelings for one another.  We know that Rumple was once a decent, caring person and seeing glimpses of that man beneath the dangerous trickster veneer was captivating.  I would have loved to have seen more.

Belle isn’t simply all about bad boys or a mere victim of Stockholm Syndrome:  when Rumpelstiltskin grants her the opportunity to leave him, she decides to do so.  She only changes her mind when she’s given hope that True Love’s Kiss will rid him of the evilness within.  She kisses him and is delighted when it looks like the curse is breaking;  Rumple, however, panics and we see another glimpse of the man he was previously, the fearful one.  I was worried about this scene but was relieved to see how it was done:  he cast her away but he didn’t harm her.  He appears hopeful when he thinks she may return and heartbroken when he’s told that she is dead.  Did he check up on the Queen’s story?  Beat up Belle’s father?  Or just endeavor to be even scarier and start killing fairies?  When will Mr. Gold find Belle in Storybrooke???  I loved the last scene between Mr. Gold and the Mayor:  I was certain that he knew who he was but I wasn’t sure if the Mayor knew that he had escaped the curse.

As much as I loved Belle and Rumpelstiltskin’s story, I hated the lame, lackluster thing that has become Mary Margaret and David’s romance.  What are the writers doing?  Isn’t this supposed to be the central romance?  I can accept flawed characters and I could have accepted one impetuous passionate kiss between them, albeit quickly regretted or quickly followed by David leaving Kathryn.  I can’t accept an affair:  David’s not Rochester and the only thing keeping him bound to Kathryn is him.  Would the man determined to give his wife his mother’s ring really think an “I woof you” card was the height of romance?  Would that man buy cards for two different women?  Would that man say “Hey baby, I know I’m not leaving my wife for you but I want to make sure you don’t hook up with anyone but me?”  ACK.  Please tell me there’s another spell in play other than the curse.

Question:  if True Love’s Kiss can break any curse, why don’t Ashley & Sean or Mary Margaret & David remember who they are?


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    anneelliot said,

    To answer your question first, I think that in this particular instance that the curse does not hinge on ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Snow White’. I have long felt that it was Rumpel or the Queen that was pivotal in this whole deal. Let’s not forget that Rumpelstiltskin created the curse and the Queen activated it.

    That leads into my next thought, which is that it is entirely possible that Rumpel hunting down artifacts like the Fairy Godmother’s wand to enhance his power may have been, in fact, to make himself powerful enough to do what even full-blown genies cannot do: bring someone back from the dead. If Rumpel was willing to reveal himself to the Queen for a damaged cup, I think it is well within his mentality to do whatever it takes to bring his girl back.

    He may have, in fact, created the curse as a means of getting Belle back.

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    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    Interesting! I like that idea much better than him just killing for power’s sake alone. You were concerned about this episode–did you like it?

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      anneelliot said,

      Like you, I found myself a little relieved after watching it. The commercial made it seem like the romance would be impossible, but watching it actually proves there is one and that the ultimate goal is to get them together. Just with… drama first.

      I, too, was surprised that they put together a scant number of vignettes and created believable emotion. Again, maybe it was because I really wanted it to be there! Rumpel’s definitely my favorite of the characters so, of course, I root for him and all the complexities I want to see in his character. I mean, where others may have flinched at his beating that man, my heart bled for him and his lost love. I saw in him a deep fissure of disappointment that Belle isn’t one of the people flouncing about Storybrooke.

      So, although this episode was still a tad bit lackluster over all, it had important scenes and made me look forward to finding out more again.

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    Melissa said,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Robert Carlyle had me hooked by both personas, Mr. Gold and Rumpel. I enjoyed seeing a more human side to him in the aspect that I feared he had killed his son and was completely corrupt. I like the reveal that he is aware of the curse and what has happened. And now that we know their history, he will not be the Queen’s ally.

  4. 5

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    Robert Carlyle is absolutely perfect in both roles–love him!

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    anneris31 said,

    Your review pretty much summed up my feelings on this episode, save for my incessant fangirl squealing that lasted for three days before and after watching this masterpiece of an episode. The sheer amount of exposition in this episode alone (not to mention the array of heart wrenching emotions from Rumple/Gold and Belle) was enough to make this hands down the best OUAT episode yet.

    And I just have to say, Rumple/Gold is the man. Prince Charming, watch out.

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    lightheartedlibrarian said,


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    […] in hoping Kathryn’s still around but let’s remember that Regina chose to keep Belle alive rather than kill her and, because Rumpel is who is he is, she probably put just as much […]

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