Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate

Daniel was flung from heaven because he chose his love for Luce over his love for God; angry that Daniel also refused him, Lucifer cursed the two lovers to be torn apart, lifetime after lifetime.  Through Fallen, Torment, and Passion, readers have followed Daniel and Luce on their journey to break the curse that keeps them apart.  Fallen in Love is a collection of stories that takes a break from the main storyline to offer a glimpse into the romantic backgrounds of some of the series’ most guarded characters.

The first story focuses on Miles & Shelby, nephilim friends of Luce.  It’s an okay story:  Kate makes their newly discovered feelings for each other obvious and sugary-sweet so it’s hard to feel much here.  The references to O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi would have worked better if there had been more romantic tension in the relationship.  Purist that I am, I’m annoyed that they’re messing about with history but I’ll accept that no damage is done and move on.

The second story focuses on Roland:  for me, this was the best part of the collection.  Roland has always made me curious and this insight into his past and his current feelings about the Daniel/Luce relationship is intriguing.

The third story focuses on Arriane, one of my favorite Fallen characters.  Interesting, heartbreaking and controversial.

The fourth story returns to Luce and Daniel.  I’m kind of over them at the moment:  Kate needs to pick up the pace and give us something new.  To me, this simply read like a piece that belonged with Passion, particularly since we already know all about Bill.

As a bonus, we’re treated to the opening scenes from the next book in the series, Rapture.  Despite the fact I’m sort of over Luce and Daniel, I want to see how Kate pulls all of the pieces together.


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    […] added very little to the story and, aside of the insight into Roland and Arriane’s histories, Fallen in Love annoyed me. .. Rapture quite simply ticked me off. The promise of an interesting story has always […]

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