Once Upon a Time: Snow White and Prince Charming

Who is Motorcycle Man?  Last week, I thought that he might be the Big Bad Wolf.  I still think he’s a bad boy, but I don’t really see the BBW carting around a typewriter.  He said he came to town to “do something”.  What could that be?  Micayla thinks that he’s one of the Grimm brothers:  if so, is he in town to document the changes now occurring in the story?  Or is he some other big-baddy come to town to take advantage of the turning tide?  Was there some sort of emblem on his motorcycle?

I was happy to see more of Snow White and Prince Charming’s story even if parts of it broke my heart.  Regardless of what will happen to the kingdom, Charming sends a love letter to Snow via Bluebird/Dove express:  knowing that she’s a wanted person, I wonder why he just doesn’t go looking for her himself but maybe he suspects the King has alerted the guards to such a possibility.  Anyway, she receives the letter and if you watched the episode, you’re aware of what follows.  Knowing that the King doesn’t have any paternal feelings for James and knowing that the King is determined to see James marry Abigail, I’ve often wondered what happened to allow James to marry Snow instead.  Last night I briefly hoped that Snow would slip the King her amnesia potion but it was created just for her so it wouldn’t have worked on him anyway, at least not as intended.  (Incidentally, what did Rumpelstiltskin want with Snow’s hair?  As someone who plays the long-con, did he want it to create a counter-spell?  Or is there some darker purpose?)  As the episode ended with both Snow and Charming heartbroken, it looks like I’ll be wondering how they made it down the aisle for awhile yet . . . .

What about Abigail?  In fairytale land, Abigail is aloof, spoiled and generally easy to dislike; in Storybrooke, Kathryn is a heartbroken woman trying to win her husband back.  Kathryn makes the last scene with Mary Margaret and David difficult to enjoy.  Yes, I want them together but I want him to leave Kathryn first—not tell her he wants to make it work and then make out with Mary Margaret on the street corner in front of the whole town.  Regina sees, of course, because Regina sees practically everything—which leads to my big question of the night.  What is she likely to do?  At the very least, my guess is that Mary Margaret’s job as a teacher will be in jeopardy but given that Mary Margaret tops Regina’s most hated list, I’m guessing there will be much more at stake.

Rest in peace, Stealthy.


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    Dug said,

    I wondered if he was the mirror because the mirror knows and sees all.

  2. 2

    write_light said,

    My theory: (as of the ep where he talked to Henry in the diner)

    Motorcycle Guy IS HENRY HIMSELF.
    1. He knows a lot about the town for a stranger.
    2. He can come and go from the town, something that non-storybook characters cannot do (apart from Emma).
    3. The Mayor seems unaware of who he is, but also not concerned (kind of like she’s not seeing Henry as a threat.
    4. He knew where the storybook was buried and got to it in time to save it from the demolition crew and the Mayor.
    5. He knows the book is important.
    6. He’s very easygoing around Henry, almost bemused, and kind.
    7. He’s not hitting on Emma, although she probably wouldn’t mind, because she’s his mom, after all.

    This show IS from the creators of LOST, after all, so alternate timelines aren’t out of the question.

  3. 3

    […] of Henry?  Is he Henry’s dad?  I really don’t know.  Write Light commented on the Snow White/Prince Charming post that he might be Henry and that idea has potential:  he knew where the book was buried and I can […]

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