Once Upon a Time: True North

As an X-Files fan, I was super-excited to see Nicholas Lea as a Woodsman in this episode:  I may have even yelled “Krycek!”  Okay, I did yell, but you have to admit, Nicholas Lea is HOT.  The only thing that could make me happier would be a guest appearance by Josh Holloway from Lost.  Wishing upon a star, as I type . . . .  Now on to this episode’s questions/reveals.

We can probably credit the curse, but how did Ava and Nicholas manage school registration without parents?  I’m not losing sleep over this minor detail—I mean, if no one notices that the only kid getting older is Henry, how can I expect school registration to be a big deal?  It still bugged me though—having them attend school with Henry was a convenient excuse for Ava to approach Henry but it seems more likely they’d simply be on their own.  Now, they may have recognized him from visiting the library—plucky kids that they are, or at least Ava is, I like to think that they would have tried to keep up their education as best they could.  Depending upon whether there really was a mother in Storybrooke, they may or may not have had library cards, but they still could have read books or attended programs.  Libraries ROCK.

I am confused about the Blind Witch.  Aside of the blindness, she sort of looked like Maleficent but they are supposed to be two different characters, aren’t they?  Particularly since the Queen saw fit to send an extra burst of flames into the oven, once the Blind Witch found herself trapped within?  Going back a few episodes though,  didn’t the Queen demand her curse back from Maleficent because the “sleeping spell” she had exchanged it for was easily broken by a kiss?  Unless there’s another twist to the fairytale I know, the spell which cast Snow White into that deep slumber was caused by taking a bite from a poisoned apple.  Yet, the item in the Blind Witch’s satchel was an apple.   Why am I not recording this show so that I can go back and watch previous episodes when questions like this occur???

Wicked as she is, the Queen has a maternal side (of sorts)—who knew?  She was hurt that Hansel and Gretel didn’t want to stay with her—not simply astonished, but truly hurt.  Previously, I had attributed her adoption of Henry to some attempt to replace her father but now I think there’s something deeper at play.  She’s evil—no doubt of that—but she obviously wants to be a mother.  She has no clue how to be a loving parent but she obviously craves that bond.  I am completely intrigued:  what happened in her past to make her the Evil Queen???

The blanket.  After Emma admits to Mary Margaret what Henry believes their true relationship to be, I swear Mary Margaret muttered “I have a child” under her breath, kind of like an unconscious thought, but since I didn’t record it, I can’t confirm it.  I was hoping that MM would then ask about the father but realized that she already knows whom Henry suspects her soul mate to be.  And then the blanket.  My heart stopped when MM picked up the blanket and smelled it.  She already knows that Emma seems familiar and she feels the connection with David:  could the return of her memory be within reach???

Who’s the motorcycle guy?  My first thought was that Regina had tracked down Henry’s father and lured him into town–which would be a problem because a) Henry’s dad is apparently not a good guy and b) it would expose Emma’s lie to Henry.  As Emma didn’t seem to recognize him, I’m going to guess that he’s just another resident of Fairytale Land—but whom?  I’m guessing a bad boy—I’m just waiting to see if he and Ruby get into a discussion about big eyes or if she catches him wearing Granny’s clothing.

Final thoughts:  Nicholas Lea should totally consider Dancing With the Stars; ditto for Josh Holloway.  If that happened, my good friend Melissa might even tune in—or at least, roll her eyes a little less when I start going on and on about THAT show.


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  1. 1

    marcy ogle said,

    I have wondered the same about the children…
    I don’t think the 2 witches are one in the same though. I think your right on track with Mr. Motorcycle hotty being the big bad wolf. I smell trouble there.

  2. 2

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    After thinking about it again last night, maybe the apple did come from Maleficent but the Blind Witch intercepted/stole it?

  3. 3

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    Comcast On Demand finally came through last night and I was able to re-watch the episode. MM *did* say “I have a child” but then quickly followed it with a semi-smirk and said “You’d think I’d remember that”. The first time I watched it, I latched onto the hint of memory—or maybe just wistfulness—she conveyed in the first statement and gave it too much importance.

  4. 4

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    I’m also wondering if, instead of pining for children, the Queen’s hurt feelings were just a simple “why don’t people love me?” moment.

  5. 5

    Melissa said,

    Maybe Snow’s betrayal of the Queen, which affects a great love, involves a child. It would explain her pining for children. Loved seeing Krycek. He is wonderful!

  6. 6

    Micayla said,

    I was just trying to find out if anyone had any idea who the motorcycle guy may be (thank you google!) when I came across this discussion. I think that the motorcycle man may be a Grimm (as in the brothers Grimm) who wrote the story of Storybrook (hence the reason he is able to travel to the town even though no one but Emma is suppose to have come or gone).

  7. 8

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    That seems like a good possibility. Last night’s episode made me question my original theory–motorcycle man still seems like a bad boy but I don’t really see the Big Bad Wolf lugging a typewriter around.

  8. 9

    anneelliot said,

    This is random, but…

    1) MM is a man named Jackson from the fairytale world describe by ABC as a ‘former criminal’, and that as ‘the stranger’ in Storybrooke he is the only other person who believes the story/curse and will try to convince Emma of it.

    2) After seeing the Blind Witch in this episode, I began to wonder why all the witches are beautiful. You’d think that it wouldn’t be three for three, but it is. If the next witch isn’t a hag, or something, I’m going to start believing there’s a deeper meaning there.

  9. 10

    lightheartedlibrarian said,

    Interesting thought about the witches . . . of course if I were using spells for personal gain, I’d probably look for one for gorgeousness too!

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