A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin

“Not only do the good guys regularly lose out to the bad guys, you’re never exactly sure who you should be cheering for in the first place.”  Taken from Amazon.com, that sentence sums up SoS nicely.  Treachery, bloodshed and violence reach horrifying new levels in this installment of the series and my heart continues to break for the Stark family.  As the quote above hints, this book did present some surprises—and for me, some annoyances.  As much as I loved all 924 pages, I must vent.  Spoilers follow.

Surprise 1: I might actually like Jaime Lannister.  Might—what he did in GoT was horrible and the whole thing with Cersei is icky but he does show signs of redemption in SoS.

Annoyance 1:  Sansa.  My least favorite of the Starks, I do feel the girl and the situation she’s in.  Given her situation and her age, I know that I should be more understanding of her reaction to Tyrion, but the scene in which she was too proud to kneel for him really ticked me off.  I know she’s young and if he had been less kind to her, I would have understood, but as things stood between them, it was cruel.

Annoyance 2: We’re 3 books into the series, can we please reunite Arya with Nymeria?  It’s bad enough the poor girl can’t manage to reconnect with a single member of her family but can she at least reunite with her wolf?  Soon???

Annoyance 3:  What’s the harm in Jon knowing that Bran and Rickon are still alive?  I’m sure there will be an excellent story line to explain this but still . . .

Annoyance 4:  I’m glad that Bran and Rickon are still alive and I’m glad that Catelyn is still alive but having all of these fake deaths annoys me.  Like #3 though, I’m sure there will be an excellent story line to explain this.

And now for a guess:  Is Benjen Stark the mysterious wight on the elk?

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