What confidence did Snow White break? And other questions from Once Upon a Time . . .

What confidence could the Queen have shared with Snow White that was both so dreadful that its betrayal cost the Queen her happiness AND was so minor that Snow White apparently thought nothing of it?

  • I do have a vault filled with hearts but it’s only for organ donations, my dear?  Probably not.
  • Maleficent is my BFF but she’s totally misunderstood—people are so judgmental of powerful women.  Eh—but maybe they are sisters?
  • Well, yes, I do talk to a mirror but it’s just a bit of fun, my dear.  Or something similar—basically Snow White surprises the Queen doing something sorceress-like, the Queen downplays it and swears her to secrecy, Snow White buys the story but mentions it to her dad because she tells her dad everything, and he confronts the Queen.
  • Well yes, I dated Rumpelstiltskin, but that was ages ago and I dumped HIM.  He has the worst temper.  Eh.
  • I’m not really royal.  Maybe?  Snow White is young enough to think family connections don’t matter when it comes to love but we don’t know anything about the King yet—maybe he’s a stickler for convention.

I’ve also thought that the Queen used a love spell to win the King but I don’t see how admitting that would seem harmless to Snow.  Other questions:

  • How did the book come into existence?  My guess is Rumpelstiltskin—either that or it’s just a by-product of the curse.  How did it come to Mary Margaret though?  Again, I’m going to go with Rumpelstiltskin aka Mr. Gold.
  • What the heck was Mr. Gold doing in the woods?  Looking for something—or burying something???
  • Who told the Queen that weird curlicues on her forehead were becoming?

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  1. 1

    Marcy Ogle said,

    I love this show…one of the best out there. Becky, you are a very deep thinker, I just want to know when the back story of little “Red” rideing hood the trailer trash waitress will come to pass..heheh.

  2. 2

    Melissa said,

    I can’t think of any reveal that would cause the Queen to hate Snow and her father so much. I hope the writers don’t let us down once it is revealed. I hope it is something that will completely shock us.

  3. 3

    anneris31 said,

    These questions have been plaguing my mind for weeks. I can’t really see any confidence that Snow would betray that would be worth imprisoning the entire fairy tale world for. My original theory was that Snow’s mother was the evil queen’s sister and she died in childbirth, thereby igniting her hatred for Snow. I thought that had to be it, especially in the 2nd episode when Regina said that the thing she loved most didn’t exist anymore.

    Hiatuses really suck.

  4. 4

    […] never meet.  I also wonder if Gold has something to do with body disposal – remember the scene of him digging in the […]

  5. 5

    […] back when, I joked that Rumpel and Regina might have had a thing.  I was NOT prepared for Cora and Rumpel’s history of mixing magic […]

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